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Why Swamp Tours Are a Must Do Activity in New Orleans

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The peak summer season (June-August) may be intolerably hot, but it is worth checking which events are occurring the rest of the year before agreeing dates. But if you are planning New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours then these months are good for it.

How much time is requiring for New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours?

For sightseeing, four days should be enough to cover the French Quarter and the Garden District; however, New Orleans is a city full of life and culture that penetrates deep into its surface. Reserve a few extra days if you can, keep your itinerary loose and get ready to get some nice surprises!

How to navigate?

By Walking is best way to see New Orleans, but when it rains, you can easily hire one of the many taxis at reasonable prices in the city. (Keep in mind, on the other hand, that most taxis are more expensive and harder to get on special event days). There is also a well connected bus network, but why not opt ​​for the trams for which the city is famous? The route of St. Charles Avenue, between the city centre and Uptown, is a national landmark.

Kayak in the swamps of New Orleans

Many people visit New Orleans and leave without experiencing the beauty of the swamps, wetlands and swamps of the city. There are numerous tours out there, and we want to make sure we differentiate ourselves from all those. Therefore, we focus on offering an ecological tour that does not feed wildlife and uses the silent way of approaching wildlife in a kayak.

At a Kayak Swamp Tours in New Orleans, you’ll create memories that will explore the beauty of the swamps and plantations. Small groups led by incredible local eco-guides. Transportation available

The tours will take you through beautiful cypresses, abandoned houseboats and exotic wild animals. Locations include Manchac Swamp, Pearl River, Honey Island Swamp and Cane Bayou, where you can observe wildlife such as turtles, alligators, bald eagles, blue herons, blue herons, woodpeckers, minks, otters, boars, deer and, perhaps, the elusive monster of the marsh of the honey island.

Additional Information

  • Not accessible to wheelchairs
  • Wear a bathing suit or light clothing, synthetic layered, jacket / fleece if it is cooler, change of clothes, towel, hat, sunglasses, sunglasses retainer, waterproof camera and water.
  • The minimum age is 6 years.
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