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Why should you be eyeing the new dry sprinkle powder aerosol fire suppressants?

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As the office environment has changed to adopt a modern touch, indoor fire hazards have also evolved. Modern offices have a lot more electrical wiring and small appliances than older office buildings. They have massive heating systems, tangles of power cords and recharge cables. The danger of a fire is more prominent than it ever was in the past.

In the event of a fire, these offices require more than the usual fire extinguisher and smoke detector. While the conventional smoke detectors are adept enough to notify the employees and guests in the event of a fire, the window between the warning and the spread of the fire has become significantly less, especially in the event of an electrical fire. Such situations call for DSPA or dry sprinkler powder aerosol generator systems inside the premises. These are compact, hand-held devices that help in reducing the spread and intensity of the fire.

Here’s why many residential and commercial units are choosing DSPA over traditional fire extinguishers –

  • They are easy to install and quite straightforward to use. Check out bartecfire.com – Fire Safety Systems & Services for the complete knowledge base of DSPA systems.
  • They are at least six to ten times more efficient than the inert gas systems. It also reduces the water requirement during dousing to a significant extent.
  • Apart from being efficient and effective, these DSPA-5 systems do not reduce the level of oxygen inside the premises any further.
  • They do not result in overpressure. DSPA systems are non-corrosive at all times.
  • They are environment-friendly, and they have next to nil atmospheric lifetime. The resulting aerosol particles are not harmful to human beings at all.
  • They require less maintenance as compared to the traditional ones. One does not require regular maintenance of the DSPA systems.
  • They are not dependent on electric power or battery. That is one less headache for the building owner and the employees.
  • These DSPA fire suppressants are autonomous units.
  • Transporting them and using them are completely safe. The DSPA cans are unpressurized. Anyone can handle the transportation and installation processes.
  • They are fuss-free, and they can withstand up to 75-degrees Celsius. They can survive bitter colds. Their lowest limit is -50-degrees Celsius.
  • They have an impressive lifespan of at least 15 years.
  • The DSPA aerosol generators are cost effective as well.

The DSPA-5 is a powerful yet compact fire suppressing tool that can control and douse flames in closed compartments.

Always install a DSPA unit close to the potential source of fire and other units near the escape route. You should always keep the evacuation exit clear by placing the aerosol generator near the door. When making the evacuation plans for your office, you should always consider the fire control mechanisms and the suppression system placements. Speak with your local fire safety systems and services to optimize your evacuation plan. Choosing the right type of fire control and extinguishing system can save hundreds of lives.

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