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Just like licensing is very much important while you are buying a new car, filing insurance is also important. The insurance policy will safeguard your interests and will provide different coverage for different claims. But that’s not the end of the entire fiasco. Whenever your car encounters an accident or any damage that comes under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, then it will be your discretionary power to claim the money.

But, getting insurance is not just about buying the insurance and paying the premiums on time. You will also have to know how to make a claim. If you remain unaware of the procedures to be followed, then you might end up having a hard time making a claim when an unexpected event occurs. Also, in the event of an accident, you will not be in mind to think about the claim process and will be muddled not sure how to do things right. Hence, it is always better to know the things you need to consider before claiming in advance. As soon as you get the insurance, inquire with your insurance provider about the claim process and the things to be done in advance. Here is a list of things that will help you to overcome the hurdles in the entire filing process of a car insurance claim:

Know The Details

Whether you have run into a tree or you have hit your car with another in both the cases it is a damage to the vehicle. The latter is the case where a third party is involved as you have hit another person’s car and he too can file an insurance claim. This is the reason it is necessary to know the details of the accident, starting from the location, time, who were involved, who were hurt, and what is the extent of the damage. It’s better to know everything on your own so that you can present the details to the Insurance Company rather than waiting for them to find out and add the accident details.

Know The Type Of Claim

The type of claim that you will file depends upon the involvement of a third party. When that is the case, you can either file a claim on your own policy provided that you have comprehensive coverage. The other thing you can do is to file a claim in the third party’s insurance so as to prevent the disruption of your no claim bonus. If the damage is self-produced, then the claim will be completely from your part.

Never Forget To Inform!

If you are making delay in informing your insurer, then they will have the right to reject your claim, and that might not be a good idea when you have large damage. So, it’s better to inform the insuring party within the time frame and provide them with all the details of the accidents and your own car insurance policy.

File A Police Report

Filing a police report is a legal action on your part that you must take. Launch an FIR as soon as you will get out of the fiasco on the road and don’t miss on any details of the accident. Also, you will need a recorded document of the FIR approval for future use during the process of raising the claim.

The No-Trace Certificate

The No-Trace certificate states that your car is not traceable or is missing from the grid after being stolen. The police authority will issue this certificate, and the document is extremely crucial while getting the claim approved by the insuring company.

Know About The Insurance Adjuster

Sometimes, the insurance company hires a staff adjuster to check on the extent of damage of your property in order to verify with your claim reports. It’s better to know the adjuster’s name and a little bit about the person appointed to check on your property. The adjuster does not hold the sole power to pay you the money of the claim. Still, it is better to know about the person in advance.

Record Your Conversation

Whatever conversation details you will have with your insurer, including the date and time, list them down on your own personal diary. This will help you in keeping track of the progress of the claim.

Involve An Attorney

Filing an FIR is definitely important. However, besides the police, another important figure you should consult you is your attorney. In case the damage is too serious, involving an attorney will be best so that you can have your legal grounds when the time comes.

Prepare An Estimate

It’s better to raise a claim as per the repairing estimate of your property damage. If you are filing a claim of more figure than the estimated one, you will be put under jurisdiction because the insurance company too takes an estimate from their technicians regarding the damaged property.

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