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What precautions you must take while using chemicals to clean drainage pipes?

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Normally an experienced person doing the drainage cleaning task related to his house will be aware of the all the precautions required in drainage cleaning.  But a beginner will always find it a problem and lands up in confusion about what to do, how to do and what not do?  In such a situation, this 2018 guide related to drainage cleaning will be very helpful.  It advises the reader about everything related to the drainage system.  It also guides the reader how to maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere in and around the house which indirectly helps in keeping the environment clean.  Let us now discuss in general about the precautions to be taken while using chemicals to clean the drainage pipes.

  • Expiry date: The effect of the chemical solution depends whether you are cleaning the drain pipes yourself or using the services of a service provider. If you are doing it yourself, always check the drain cleaner’s mixture details before purchasing.  Ensure that the product has not expired.  In case you use the drain cleaner, which has expired, there won’t be any positive result, and the clog will remain as it is.  By pouring more water after pouring the drain cleaner, you will be adding more problems to your present problem.  A drain cleaner will be effective only if it is used in the prescribed period from the date of manufacture and after the expiry date, the chemical mixture may lose its value.
  • Allergies: When you are using chemical cleaners, ensure that that you avoid eye or skin contact because the chemicals may damage your eye or your skin. Sometimes when you inhale the odor the mixture creates, even then your lungs may get damaged. The chemicals are so strong that they may damage even clothes or materials such as wood, aluminum or fiberglass.  Sometimes it may remove the paint on the commodes also.
  • Quantity: Sometimes the drainage cleaner mixture contains chemicals concentration which may damage the pipes also if the manufacturer more than prescribes these chemicals dosage usage. This sort of a thing happens when a plastic pipe is installed in the drainage system. When the chemical treatments done for a long time even then the sewage or drainage pipes gets damaged.  Sometimes, to clear a drainage clog, two or three different solutions have to be mixed, and this combination has to be used in the sewage pipe.  The person doing this process may face injury if he/she does not mix the right quantities of chemical solutions. So, it is a very important point to remember, whenever the chemical solutions are used always use the right quantity prescribed by the manufacturer of the product.
  • Safety equipment: When equipment like handheld drain augers or air burst drain cleaners is used, required safety equipment has to be worn to avoid injuries.

Taking the service from drain cleaning service provider periodically say every six months will keep the entire drainage or sewage system of your house clean.

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