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What Is Online Shaming – A Guide for Parents

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Online Shaming

Online shaming is similar to the concept of bullying, the difference being it has taken a digital form. Online activity of children is often the target for shaming. The popular methods of online shaming include social media, sending hate messages, even death threat and sending bad reviews.

This article goes on to define online-shaming, what motivates kids for online shaming and how to prevent it. How a parental control App can help.

This form of digital humiliation has caught many parents off guard. Parents need to need to be aware of how children using smartphones are vulnerable to several cyber threats like shaming online, cybercrime, cyberbullying, and more.

What is Online-Shaming?

More number of kids are publicly humiliated online thus negatively affecting them. It can be in many different forms. The fact that it is now very easy to take snaps and record videos and equally easy to instantly upload them to social media makes it all the worse.

This form of shaming is worse since it just takes a few seconds to upload and it reaches the masses very fast. Online uploads like these also attract plenty of comments and discussion. Hence it can take a lifetime for a victim to clear their name.

Here is a list of harmful effects it has on a child:

  • A child can suffer from depression.
  • A kid can develop suicidal tendencies.
  • A kid may prefer to remain at home.
  • A child likes to be aloof from others.
  • Can lead to someone losing their job.
  • Potential physical and mental injuries.

A motive behind online shaming

There are many reasons why it takes place. Bullying is common at school amongst kids of varying age, and it is now in the form of ‘Online-Shaming.’

There are many reasons for this as listed here:

  • Children can be cruel and online shaming is just another form of bullying.
  • It is often done to teach another kid a lesson.
  • Kids wishing to hurt others emotions often use this as a method.
  • It lingers on social accounts or chat rooms and hence serves a purpose for a bully in many ways.
  • It is an excellent way to single out a person and humiliate them publicly in a wrong way.
  • This is a very effective method of getting a message across.

Tips to prevent it

Children who are victims of online shaming do not always inform their parents of the same. This makes it necessary for parents to keeps tabs on their children. It is easy to tackle regular bullying; however, there are not many options to avoid online shaming.

A parental control App does have many useful features that can help parents avoid online-shaming.

Tips to prevent it:

  • Educate kids:

Teenagers often use their mobile devices as they please and are not aware of the dangers that exist in the digital world. This is especially true for younger kids. Hence parents need to educate their children about all perils of using a smartphone and teach them how to use it safely.

It is a job of the parents to make the kids aware of the potential consequences of content posted online. Children need to learn how to analyse their content prior to posting it.

  • More conversations with kids:

More frequent communication with kids regarding precautions to take while using mobile devices is highly effective.

  • Strict rules & regulations:

Placing rules & regulations on children is something all parents can relate to. Doing so is tougher to manage when it comes to mobile phone use. Parents can make use of several additional tools and software like parental App to enforce their rules.

  • Limit smartphone use:

Children can use smartphones at any time and any place. This makes it hard for parents to restrict their children. However, parental Apps have several useful features to tackle this very issue.

It is possible for parents to restrict time a child spends on a mobile device. This can place restrictions for individual Apps as well as a category of Apps. Thus, being able to restrict specific messenger Apps or all gaming or social media Apps in general.

Additionally, parents are also able to dictate the time of the day a child can play games or use social media, and thus monitor them more closely.

  • Block Apps:

Parents can block all the potentially dangerous Apps to keep their child safe and secure. They can list all applications installed on a child’s devices and then block any from the list.

  • View calls logs:

Parents can scrutinise call logs of child’s device to check for any suspicious calls or contacts. They can also block any contacts if necessary.

  • Panic alert:

Children in need of assistance can use the parental control App SOS button to send a panic alert to parents when in emergency.

  • Lost or stolen device:

GPS location trackers can track a lost or stolen device instantly.

  • Geofence:

It is also possible to continually monitor whereabouts of a child and be alerted if they cross over beyond physical boundary restrictions.

  • Block App install:

To prevent kids from installing any new Apps parents can merely activate a block App install feature in a parent App.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App is a feature rich App that allows parents to restrict the online activity of children. It can block Apps and even limit the use of mobile devices to keep kids safe.

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