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What Are the Benefits of Recycling?

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You must have heard about recycling by now. Everybody is talking about going green and preserving the environment. A lot of resources are set aside to be put into efforts to save earth. You must have participated in an activity or two that have to do with saving mother earth such as planting trees.

This brings up the question; what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘recycling’? Simply put, it means to convert materials and then reuse them. These materials would otherwise be disposed of as rubbish and have no more use. Many businesses and even homes are joining the recycling fray by having separate and labeled containers for recyclable materials. In order to find out how you can be a part of saving the environment, look at site as 27 Recycling and other similar sites. They have a world of useful information.

Amongst other benefits, recycling helps to clean up our planet; a large number of modern technologies have made recycling even easier. Other benefits of recycling include:

  • It helps to protect the environment.
  • It saves resources, therefore having a positive effect on the economy.
  • It saves energy.
  • It reduces incineration.

Incineration produces ash that has to go through a gas cleaning process in order to comply with air quality standards. All garbage that is not set aside is incinerated. Therefore, when garbage is separated for recycling, the amount of garbage that has to be incinerated is reduced. The more materials you recycle, the more you help with the reduction of the production of ash, thereby participating in saving the earth’s resources.

How recycling is beneficial

  1. Aids in saving resources

Recycling means that materials which have already been used are converted into new products, which reduces the need to use the natural products. Without recycling, fresh raw materials are used up through mining and forestry. Recycling aids in the conservation of raw materials as well as protecting the natural habitats for future generations.

  1. Saves energy

The use of recycled items in the manufacturing process results in lower energy usage than when producing new products from raw materials; this is even when the cost of transportation is factored in.

Also, less energy is required with recycled materials than that used to manufacture and process new products from raw materials because of the extraction, refining, transportation and processing processes.

  1. Protects the environment

With recycling, there is less need for extracting raw materials through the process of mining, logging and quarrying. These processes contribute to the environmental problem through the pollution of air and water. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps in protecting the environment.

  1. Reduces incineration

Recyclable materials are separated from non-recyclable garbage and converted into new products. Thus, the materials to undergo incineration are drastically reduced. This means less ash which is a good thing for the environment.

If everybody decided to jump onto the recycling bandwagon, climatic issues like the depletion of the ozone layer would be a thing of the past. This is why sites such as 27 Recycling, which have a lot of helpful information regarding recycling, should be visited in order to learn how you can contribute to saving planet earth.

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