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Upper Dolpo Trekking

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Upper Dolpo trek offers an authentic ordeal trekking on remote and unpleasant standard untainted corner simply past the Himalayan valleys transversely finished western Nepal. This upper Dolpo district stick one of the last scraps of standard Tibetan culture where the pre-Buddhist Bon-Po religion is still before long. High mountains including the Dhaulagiri massif toward the southeast envelop this extraordinary shelter that stay cut off by high passes close by snow a substantial part of the year.

Dolpo remains an extremely separated corner of Nepal. Time has halted here for an extensive time span as the occupants of Tibetan stock continue living, create and trade the way they have done since time immemorial. The finally secured Eco structure fuses a wild and wonderful grouping of generally shifted vegetation, including the blue sheep and unpretentious snow jaguar. This upper Dolpo trek is one of the gigantic trekking experiences in Nepal. It has imagined a posterity of Peter Matthiessens artful culmination and top of the line book Snow Leopard and Eric Valli Oscar named film CARAVAN (moreover known HIMALAYA) was featured in this detached Himalayan haven of Dolpo.

In the wake of researching Kathmandu contemplate recorded sights and getting one of a kind take into account the upper Dopla trekking we take our flight to Juphal through Nepalganj. Following up Matthiessen strides, we trek north on to Shey Phoksundo National Park before joining old Nepal Tibet trade course and douse move to cross the Nangdola pass (5110m), value the viewpoints of whole of Dolpo valley to Dhaulagiri and the snow finished peaks in guest with Tibet. The scene begins to change with the slants getting the opportunity to be shades of red, dim hued and diminish. At last you can hear supplication flag undulating at the most noteworthy purpose of the pass, and the view opens up definitely looking east towards the snow zeniths of the Kanjiroba and magestice Dhaulagiri run. We soon walk around the magnificent green fields to the faultless Phoksundo Lake overflowing with valuable stone dull blue fresh water showing up distinctively in connection to the weathered red and darker inclines.

Excursion to upper Dolpo trekking pass various captivated astonishing apexes and witness the supernatural charms of remote religious group of Shey Gompa, which was developed in the eleventh century and little has changed here starting now and into the foreseeable future. We cross other two high passes: the Sela (5094m) and the Jyanta pass (5221m) going before trekking slide to the Dho Tarap valley in our way to deal with Juphal airstrip to end our genuine journey of lifetime to upper Dolpa, where there is mystery, scene and peace.

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