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Unable To Conceive – Infertility Treatment

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Female infertility treatment

Female infertility treatment

Infertility in males is one such issue that has off late been hyped. Yes, that’s true. Gone are the days when infertility treatments were dealt only with females. Today, even the males from the age of 25, are dealing with this health issue and that too unknowingly. Here the question arises that why unknowingly? This problem is known to both men and women only when they get married. It is only after their marriage that either of the partners is aware of this issue. When they plan to have a baby and they fail several chances, it is then after a couple of tests by their gynecologists or urologists, do they get to know about this issue.

As a matter of fact, till the time either of the partners does not get themselves diagnosed, they are not aware of this issue. Here are some steps that will enable you to become aware of infertility treatments in Delhi, its issues and its causes.

  1. Once your wife fails in conception, you need to consult your urologist. Your doctor will ask you to get a physical examination done for this case.
  2. Even before advising for many physical diagnoses, he will by himself do a small physical diagnosis. For instance, you will be required to tell your doctor about your previous medical history if any.
  3. You will get to know about various infertility treatment hospitals in Delhi once you browse online. This has become very common now a day.
  4. Your doctor will ask you to go for medical analysis. This is called a semen analysis. This test is done in order to know the exact amount of ejaculation as well as the amount and the motility of sperms and their quality. It is by this test only, will the doctor be able to tell whether you are infertile or not.
  5. Similar is the case with females. The gynecologist will ask the wife to get an ovulation test done along with her regular follicle study. A follicular study will enable the doctor to know the reason for her infertility.
  6. About 80% of the females face this issue of blocked fallopian tubes or eggs not being released on time. Poor quality of eggs is another reason for her infertility. Besides this, there are several reasons of infertility and will only be known once these tests are performed.

Conclusion –

The researchers say that too much anxiety, stress or tension are the main causes for infertility. As we all know, today both the husband and the wives are leading a stressed life to be it personal or professional front – they carry a lot of anxiety and stress. It is this stress that causes their hormones to react in another way thus leading infertility. No other specific causes have been cited by the doctors. However, there are various female infertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, and Surrogacy that patients can undergo.

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