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UI Verses UX

In today’s fast-faced business era, companies are mostly like to engage with their customers and prospects through digital web and Apps which makes the marketing activities easier. They focus and prioritise to accomplish things like -generate new revenue streams, increase customer retention and enhance brand identity.

That’s why it is necessary to understand why digital platform could be more profitable and how to plan, execute and design a product that is more efficient, relevant, easy to use and needs to be different or you can be stand out among your competitors.

Products that define a good user experience are designed not only for product’s consumption or selling purpose but it also involves the careful design of product’s user interface design and user experience design. Yes, these two well-developed aspects of design can make or break your product.

Now here we will discuss the UX or User Experience and UI or User Interface. In most of the scenario, people co-relates as same (UI=UX) but these are totally different from each other.

User Experience Design

UX design is the process which is used to determine the experience level after interacting with your products. It also used to measure the effectiveness of defined objectives that need to carry out by the user.

When referring to digital solutions, if your aim is to improve conversion on an individual page, UX designer will test the current insight of a whole website and then refine it to encourage new visitors which increase website traffic and further leads to better conversion.

User Interface Design

UI design is a process of visually guiding the user through a product (or Website) platform. It takes care of how you interface reflects or represent your brand’s mission, using the brand visual style.
It’s all about incomparable things (how cool your interface is, is it stylish enough, etc.)

UI includes a lot of, colors, color combinations, look and feel, pictograms, etc. Usually, a designer has knowledge about both UX and UI. But, just because of personal knowledge or experience he or she could be more UX (logical, analytic) or UI (visual) oriented.

It produces like Product’s skin, which represents visually, or graphically. Like Senses – a product’s restructuring and compelling rate response to a user’s behaviour or input or different like display environments.

How both are disassociating with each other( UX/UI)
Mainly the goal of UX design is ease of use, customer satisfaction and improve loyalty and pleasure which is experienced by the user during product utilisation.

To retain and engage customer or prospects, companies start Pull & Push Marketing strategy

When she takes gorgeous pictures and posts it on her Instagram & men are attracted to her that’s Pull Marketing (customer running after seller)

Push Marketing is when she sends a request and starts liking your pictures (seller running after customer)

You can relate both these terms with UX and UI – UI as Pull marketing: As it defines the look and feel of overall product or website which is like compelling in nature. The better user experience of your website, the better way your website is able to convey your message or sell your product.

Both marketing strategy works but pull strategy work better and converts well than push strategy.

UX can be one of the most cost-effective ways to help separate you from your competitors, offering a better ROI and an increase in sales or enquiries.

On a nutshell mode, UI (or User Interface) is how things look alike. You can think of it like an advertisement of a product – this will make prospects to buy a product, but it won’t make customers to use the product continuously.

UX (or User Experience) is how things are going to work. This can make customers to use the product continuously. This is the real reason why customers get addicted to a product. Just to make your product indispensable for customers.  Example: -As you know! You just can’t keep scrolling down your FB feeds as Facebook provide such appealing Facebook user experience.


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