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Types of Cylinder Liners in India

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The performance of an automobile machinery completely depends upon its engine. If we talk about the engine, there are so many factors which contribute to its overall performance. A cylinder liner is one of the most crucial parts of an engine which is responsible for the heat produced in the engine. A cylinder liner is a cylindrical part that is fitted in an engine block to form a cylinder. The main function of cylinder liner is to form a combustion chamber where the compression and combustion of fuel mixture take place.

How many types of cylindrical liners?

There are different types of cylinder liners. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Dry Liners: Dry liners use the block material or sometimes a separate liner inserted into the block for the formation of the support system of the cylinder wall in the engine. Additional sleeves are placed into it so that outer surface gets dry. Dry liners are built for small engines like the engine of the boat.
  • Wet Liners: The inner walls of a wet cylinder linear in India are completely portable which easily fit into the cylinder through gaskets. They are known as wet liners as their outer surfaces come in direct contact with the engine coolant.

What exactly this component does in the engine?

The cylinder liner, serving as the inner wall of a cylinder, forms a sliding surface for the piston rings while retaining the lubricant within it. The most important function of this component is the excellent characteristics of a sliding surface. Some other features are:

  1. High anti-galling properties
  2. Less consumption of lubricant
  3. Less wear on the cylinder liner itself
  4. Less wear on the partner piston ring

Functions of cylinder liners:

Heat Transfer: The Excess amount of heat is the main reason for the failure of the main engine. So to reduce the excess amount of heat and to transfer it to other units, cylinder liners are used. The piston and piston rings receive a high amount of combustion heat which is ultimately transmitted to the coolant. The coolant lowers down the temperature by reducing the heat so that the engine continues to work properly.

These are the main functions performed by cylinder liner which play a critical role for the smooth working of an engine. These cylinders can be customized by choosing the raw material, surface texture, and many more things. You can easily get cylinder liners in India by contacting any coal supplier.

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