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TV and movie reviews are hard work: All that goes into writing one

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A movie or a tele-series review is not the same as your average book report assignment from school. Have you ever thought about the amount of hard work and research that goes into writing that review or the general TV gossips while you are happily clicking away? Well, the chances are you haven’t! You might have been at one point interested enough to write your movie review since it inspires the writer in all of us. Here is your chance to know more about the art of writing an in-depth and honest review article for movies and TV.

Options to choose from

Should the circumstances permit, since most of the writer’s work against time and there are a ton of movies and TV series getting published on a weekly basis; a general rule of thumb to follow is to view the item more than once. The more, the better is the bottom line in this case. Investing time in viewing is your way to guaranteed success as a writer just because the plot becomes more evident and the apparent strengths and the weaknesses of the story or acting stands out. You are liable for missing critical points after a single watch which you can avoid with investing time. It will allow a more compelling framing of the article.

The article can be opinionated, but there must be supports and ample amounts of them to support the narrative of the writer. The writer is in his/her right to be offended, hurt, disappointed after viewing of the film, but the reasons must be presented even if they are quite evident in the plot. Any professional article should not express the personal views of the writer about the actors, director or the people involved directly or indirectly in the making or a diatribe against any particular genre of motion picture.

What constitutes a review?

A review article is supposed to be clear, concise and easy to understand. If it doesn’t connect with the target audience, then it is a failed review. Mainstream film critics usually get subdued when it comes to criticism with a civilized gentle mockery, but on a hardcore movie review website for geeks and nerds, all bets are off! However, the primary rules still apply. A writer must supply ample support for her claims and opinions while writing a review. It’s the unwritten law for any serious review.

Lastly, avoiding spoilers is a must. This makes the writing of a review tricky and often is the result of a failed amateur attempt. You can rate the actors, the plot, the sub-plot, and the twists and turns but you can never give away the story. Don’t leave out the technical details while reviewing creative content. It is professionalism not to give away spoilers. But exceptions exist to this rule for released films, but a classy thing to do is warn the readers for impending spoilers. Some websites code spoilers to be hidden until the viewers request the hidden content.

A lot of thought and inventive ideas go into writing a movie and TV review. And now you know!

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