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Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful blend of blissful nature and the aura of mythology. It has been ruling the hearts of the travellers since many decades. It has truly become a Vacation Perfect Destination. With several Himachal tour packages at your disposal today – travel, explore and celebrate Himachal to its fullest. Get to visit Khajjiar, popularly known as the ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India and Dharamshalawhich is also known for the residence of His Holiness Dalai Lama. Manali truly bewitches us with its beauty. Even as the mercury soars in the other parts of India, you can chill out at Manali in the hot summers. Visit the iconic Hidimba Devi Temple which we have seen in some popular Bollywood movies. Well, there is much, much more to this place…………

Himachal Tour Packages

With its sublime climate and picturesque surrounding, a Himachal trip is sure to allure you. You can literally hear echoes of calm canopies as you visit this mystic place. It also houses shrines and has the calmness of Buddhist monasteries.

The snow-covered mountain peaks of Shimla are breathtaking. On the Dhauladhar Range lies the snow-capped Dharamshala—the abode of the Buddhist spiritual leader, Dalai Lama. Spread across five hills, Dalhousie is a hill station. Manali, an ancient town lies 40 km from Kullu and is a popularly visited spot. The green carpet of meadows best capturesManali. The beautiful forests and orchards in Manali are apt for long walks. Offering spectacular sights of glacier peaks, Lahaul Valley and the Chandra River, one should just not miss the Rohtang Pass here.

Himachal is home to thirty wildlife sanctuaries and three conservation reserves making it a wildlife centre. The newly constructed Dharamshala Stadium is another Himachal destination included in most Himachal packages.

Spots to See in Himachal Pradesh

When you get the trail, you are in for a sight concealed, we must say!

  • The capital city of Shimla is a stark indication of the provincial period that had inundated the whole country for two centuries. Investigate the perfect mixed drink of the Imperial design, the build-up of contemporary shopping center and the way of life of individuals lounging in the two universes.
  • Manali is the winter capital.Manali fills in as host for a rush of hikers that touch base in the state. Appreciate this resort town and Old Manali and in addition skiing and snow-trekking exercises through the Himalayan landscape.
  • Dharamshala has been known for being a home of the most noted Tibetan Buddhist, The Dalai Lama. The Tibetan culture here is solid and you get the opportunity to encounter two nations in a solitary land.
  • Kasol is the place for your experience and adrenaline surge. You can waver between trekking up the slope territories and boating your way down. Camp the night out in one of the well-known campgrounds around to get a perspective of the stars as you travel through any of the Himachal holidays Volvo.
  • A most loved spot for couples on a wedding trip, Kullu is home to waterways, boating, and sanctuaries. It is all about sanctuaries, green view and transcending deodar trees as it lies sandwiched between the PirPanjal Range, the lower Himalayas and the Great Himalayan Range.
  • Dalhousie is the next best model town of the pioneer times. This high-height town is situated in rich greeneries over the mists. Picture age-old places of worship, for example, St. Francis and St. John’s or the all-encompassingKhajjiar Lake or the Chamera dam, all deserving of an ageless casing.

The mountains and tranquil environment will doubtlessly take you on a ride to unlimited rushes. The trekking here unfurls a universe of untouched, unexplored regular magnificence with numerous lesser known goals.


Things to do in Himachal

Manali for River Rafting

The most fetched after water sports in Manali is river rafting and you just can’t ignore it. The months of April and mid-June are the best to explore this adventurous activity. Beas River is the best place to raft in Himachal. What makes it ideal is the fresh and white water of Beas which is simply magical.

Sunset over PirPanjal Range

Dalhousie has some vantage points that provide an excellent view of sunsets at the PirPanjal high ranges of middle Himalaya. These ranges are visible from the famous mall road and watching a sunset from there is one of the best experiences you can have in Himachal.

Saru Tal for Trekking

This trek route is majorly unexplored and beautiful. Giving you a clear view of Gangotri Range, Saru Tal is situated at the height of 3600 meters. Known for its magnificent valleys and the wildflowers, it is best to explore this place in summer months for a magical experience.

Hanuman Tibba for Heli-Skiing

Under Heli-Skiing, you are carried by helicopter on the top of massive snow-capped mountains. The best views of the powdery peaks come from the top. The experience is mesmerising bringing one closer to nature and undisturbed from the rest of the world.

Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh – Know a few things about the Himachal weather

  • Three principle seasons – summers (April to June), winters (November to March) and storms (July to October) make up the climatic logbook of Himachal Pradesh.
  • From hot and sub-sticky tropical atmosphere in the lower southern heights to mild in the foothills to frosty, Alpine and chilly in the higher northern and eastern areas, there is a differential move to below zero temperatures.
  • Dharamshala gets plenteous rain while snowfall happens in the Alpine atmospheres settled over a height of 2000m.
  • The pinnacle season begins May and closes before July, continuing from December to April. You can plan to adjust your Himachal visit through Himachal holidays Volvo with the end goal that it falls amid this season.
  • Amid the midyear months, paragliding, boating, horse riding and numerous other clear-sky open-air exercises can be sought after.
  • The winter months see an ascent in ice-skating, skiing and snow-boarding encounters.

Where we can slow down, totally unwind, where the snow clad mountains surround us and gushing rivers flow in between them……this is the idea of an ideal holiday and one which is spent amidst pristine nature. Just imagine… This isn’t just a dream. There truly exists such a place and we don’t even need a passport to visit it.


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