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Torque Wrench And Its Types

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The torque wrenches are necessary to apply a specific amount of torque to fastener and bolt and prevent their over-tightening and breakage. There are many varieties and types of the tool available and some are specifically designed for keeping in mind a very specific purpose.

A torque wrench is a tool that is used for applying a specific amount of torque to a fastener like a bolt or a nut. As the over-tightening of bolts cause their breakage or spoiling, the basic purpose for the initial torque wrench design (in the year 1918) was to avoid this. The torque wrench provides for specific loading and tension of the various parts, and for an application of torque that matches the specifications for a particular application.

The Function of the Indicator/Audio

A torque wrench set has that indicator that tells the amount of torque being applied to a nut bolt. One can see the indicator and stop the tightening at the right moment of time. The torque wrench may also have the gauge which depicts the varying pressure levels. Audio or a “click” sound may denote the torque in some wrenches.

Types of Torque Wrench

With evolution in design and technology, there are many different kinds of torque wrench available today.

Electronic Torque Wrench- The programmable torque wrenches have the limits to which a torque application can be fixed. A gauge is attached to the torsion rod. Signals sent to the transducer determine the amount of torque that will be applied and these are also displayed on the LED display. The electronic wrench may also contain the memory so that any readings can be saved. Charts and reports can also be prepared using computers depicting these readings.

Click Wrench- The Click wrenches provide for manual pre-setting of applied torque. It is a kind of shut-off mechanism and the clutch will slip at some point of application, indicating that the required level has been achieved.

Beam Wrench- This is the basic variant of the torque wrench where the head and the handle are separated from each other by the liver arm. The scale provides the reading when force and torque are applied (just like a weighing scale) and hence the function can be stopped at the right moment.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench- These are specifically designed for applying torque to fasteners. Proper and given amount of torque can be applied, but good lubrication is necessary.

Reflecting Beam Wrench- This wrench is used when high amounts of torque are to be applied. Instead of the coil-spring method, this wrench uses the deflecting beam arrangement. When the required limit of torque has been reached, an audio output signifies the same.

Plumber Wrench- The coupling that is screwed to the soil pipes are fastened by using the plumber wrench. They are specifically designed for this purpose only. The handle of the wrench slips, thereby indicating that sufficient torque has been attained.

It is important to use the torque wrench in a correct manner so that it does not break and the right amount of torque is only applied. The indicator or the “click” sound of the audio will reveal that the right for configuration has been reached. It is also important to choose the equipment from a leading and reputed manufacturer so that end results are reliable and credible and the tool itself last for a longer time.

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