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Top Male Fashion Trends 2018

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With the paparazzi culture on the rise, celebrities are always dressed to the nines. However, the not-so-famous people like you and me have also got on the bandwagon of looking presentable enough when going out in public. And when it comes to dressing up, men are no less than women. The latter has been criticized for consuming much of their time and energy, if not all, in deciding on an outfit and making regular visits to the salons. However, the trends have changed and now men put in as much an effort to look their best as women did in the past. I do not know about any of you, but I appreciate men who put in thought when deciding their outfits and manage to look presentable. Dare I say that now women alone cannot be shamed for going an extra mile when it comes to how they look when they step out of their houses? However, looking chic is not everyone’s cup of tea. God has bestowed a better fashion sense upon some people than the others have. And this is what the stylists are here for- to make you look like better versions of yourself. But you do not need to hire a stylist (if you categorize yourself as someone who needs fashion statement). Rather you can become your own stylist. With apps like Pinterest and Instagram, it is not difficult for you to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the fashion world. All you need is an internet facility like Charter Spectrum Internet and a laptop or smartphone to access various sites and up your dressing game.

This blog will discuss a couple of top male fashion trends of 2018 as well. So, if you have brought the 2017 trends with you to 2018, update yourself with this article:

1. Vintage Checks:

In 2017, checks were a hot favorite amongst women. Fast forward to the year 2018, they are just as famous amongst the men as well. From men’s caps to jackets to trousers, the check culture is on the rise. To start with the check look, however, try pulling off one piece like a check jacket first. If you feel comfortable and confident with the way you look, you can go on to add matching check trousers or cap to the look as well. Investing in a checked bag can be a good option as well.

2. Turtleneck Suits:

Suits never go out of style. Never! However, keeping the tailored look trendy takes many forms. The year 2018 saw a couple of variations when it comes to wearing suits. You can pair your suit with pretty much everything that you please. However, turtlenecks are on the rise when it comes to wearing suits in winter. By pairing up your suit with a turtleneck sweater, you will be able to achieve an incredibly sleek look. Try this look for your next office dinner!

3. Soft Textures:

Comfort dressing is on the rise this year. Soft textures are a new favorite amongst men and include soft fur, velvet, fleece, and corduroy. However, one thing to consider when wearing a soft-textured jacket or a muffler is to partner it with warm tones of brown or hues of black.

4. Vertical Stripes:

Incorporate vertical stripes in your 2018 wardrobe. In contrast to the horizontal stripes that are always in, vertical stripes lend an eye-catching element to the most basic outfit. You can adjust this style according to the boldness you want your look to portray. For a bolder look, think of thicker stripes and warmer colors. For a subtle look, however, consider thin stripes and soft or neutral colors.

5. Oversized Silhouettes:

Oversized garments were the entire hype ion the year 2017 and the trend continues to dominate in 2018 as well.  Carrying this look, however, is not that easy. It is essential to be able to strike the correct balance when you decide to wear clothes that are too big for you. You do not want to go too overboard with the look as you don’t want to appear as someone who doesn’t know his size. Once you select a suitably smart over-sized outfit for yourself, you are ready to rock the look.

I have listed the top trends that are all the rage this year. However, you can always keep yourself updated on the recent trends by watching the latest shows and movies as well. Deals like Spectrum Triple Play offer packages for cable TV as well as internet. Hence, it is not difficult to follow the trends whether it be through Instagram or movies.

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