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Top 3 KPIs that should be tracked to render quality Help Desk Services

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In today’s customer-oriented era, it is paramount for companies to ensure that customers don’t face any hassle while using products. In any case, if the latter come across any technical glitches, the best possible support service should be rendered. For the same reason, organisations contact renowned help desk call centres.

Reputed help desk call centres often track several KPIs (key performance indicators) that include ‘Customer satisfaction,’ ‘Cost per ticket,’ etc. so as to measure the quality of support service interactions. On the contrary, companies that prefer to handle support requests by themselves don’t track metrics closely, owing to this, they fail to lift customer experience.

Here are the top 3 KPIs that businesses (that run an in-house help desk call centre) should track in order to ensure the deliverance of phenomenal support experience. So, take a look:

  • Response time

Response time is one of the most important KPIs that can help to assess the quality of help desk support service. This is so because if response time is low, it means swift resolutions get provided during customer interactions or vice versa. The prominence of this KPI cannot be taken for granted because it is directly associated with customer satisfaction.

Whenever customers come across technical issues they expect the company to give a prompt response during the support service interaction. When this doesn’t happen, the negative WOM is more likely to increase, which tarnishes the business’s brand image. Hence, it is vital to keep a close eye on the average response time.

So, if you are a business owner and willing to surprise customers by providing impeccable help desk services India, try hard to reduce the response time.

  • Resolution time

Besides prompt response, the other thing that customers expect during support service interactions is the swift delivery of reliable resolutions. To strengthen the business’s reputation, it is prominent to live up to customers’ expectations.

What’s more, both resolution time and customer experience go hand in hand. For better understanding, if the resolution time increases, customers’ support service experience is more likely to be ruined or vice versa.

“Which one is more important between response and resolution time?”

Well, the answer is ‘Resolution time’ because customers often forget about the time that they had to wait after getting desired resolutions quickly.

So, if you want to keep the resolution time in check, make sure that you have adroit help desk agents and cutting-edge technology. Don’t have these two resources? Avail help desk services India from a recognised vendor.

  • Agent utilization

To keep customers’ loyalty and trust for a long time period, it is vitally important to ensure that splendid resolutions get delivered during support service interactions. This can happen only if agents are happy and doing their job passionately.

Continuously adding workload on agents’ shoulders could bring adverse results. For example, quality of customer service could be hampered, the hassle of high agent turnover could arise, and so on.

To ensure that agents don’t come under the pump, well-known help desk call centres closely monitor one KPI; ‘Agent utilisation.’ Thinking what would happen if this KPI doesn’t get tracked closely?

Here’re some demerits of taking agent utilization metric for granted:

  • Agent churn rate would amplify.
  • Low productivity levels are more likely to be on the cards.
  • The problem of large ticket backlogs would come out.

After knowing these demerits, there should be no more questions regarding why agent utilization rate should be kept in control. Ideally, business grows smoothly when the agent utilization rate revolves around 60% to 70%.

So, if you want to deliver quality solutions around-the-clock, get in touch with a recognised help desk service provider. However, if you still persist to run an in-house help desk call centre, here’re some suggestions that you should take into consideration:

  • Build a reliable knowledge base so that your help desk agents can solve issues without taking much time.
  • Let agents make crucial decisions during support service interactions as this would lead to the deliverance of faster resolutions and high job satisfaction level.
  • Raise the standard of training that you provide to new hires.
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