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Tips to Organise a Successful New Year Event

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Tips to Organize a Successful New Year Event

If you’re planning on organising a New Year Event and you’re planning on bringing out people in large numbers, your event services should be spectacular and not just literally!

Here we are giving you some Tips To Get Rolling With The New Year Eve Concert 2019!

1. Define the purpose and format

It seems very obvious but it’s worth having a critical approach to this issue. Calculate your goal as specifically as possible: do you want to convey knowledge to participants; express some gratitude to partners; proper plan to raise fund or offer guests aesthetic pleasure? The format of the event will depend on the answer: its concept, timing and duration, role distribution within the team, the layout of the hall, catering and sound.

2. Draft your budget

If you have been just started or If you’re a one-man show, you may not be able to get the most in-famous of singers to perform because it’s not exactly what your budget may allow. You need to plan everything according to the budget that you have.

3. Check the location and have a plan B

It is very important to check the location in person as early as the selection stage. At the most unexpected moment, suddenly it could turn out the air conditioning doesn’t work properly in the hall, there are no toilets for the disabled or the equipment won’t get through the door. There are many other issues can be generated at the last moment. Therefore, check such issues in advance and always have some alternate plan.

4. Allocate responsibilities

Distribute tasks among the team members is very important, not only at the preparation stage but also during the event. Allocate responsibilities by zone. For example, someone is responsible for the registration zone, someone else for greeting the speakers, a different person for the equipment, for catering, communication with the press, etc. Every person should be responsible for throughout the entire duration of the event.

5. Pay attention to customer service

Be friendly to participants, speakers and partners. Try to resolve their problems or questions and meet their expectations, even if you feel tired and not everything runs to plan. Because At the end of the day, what people remember is how they were treated and the atmosphere of the event to what the speaker was saying on the stage.

6. Promotion Is The Holy Grail Of Events!

If you’ve gotten everything done, from confirmation on the venue, a call from the performers saying they’ll be able to make it, and the permits by the relevant authorities, then it’s right time to start promoting! Make sure your New Year Event becomes a part of all aspects of media; from online ads to hashtags, newspaper advertisements, it should be the talk of the state, let alone your town.


It’s always better to take the help of a professional with multiple years of experience in the relevant field. Opt for the best Event organisers Singapore, and let them design your New Year Eve concert from start to finish! Trust us it’s an event you won’t regret making!

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