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Tips to Clean Your Hiking Backpack

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Tips To Clean Your Hiking Backpacks

When it comes to the topic of backpacking and caring, unfortunately, a lot is always wrong.

In this article we want to explain the most important things and answer questions. Especially important, of course, the question: “May I wash my backpack in the washing machine?”

Washing a backpack in the washing machine not only almost certainly destroys the backpack, but also the washing machine. In the machine, when washing on the coated materials, heavy scrubbing acts to destroy the coating and make the material pitted. Bembel has the best and a wide range of hiking backpacks that are really with some attractive designs.

Remaining detergent residue in the shoulder straps, combined with sunlight and sweat, can cause skin irritation and further damage the backpack. This is the most irritating thing that we all have faced once.

Bembel is offering washable backpacks in Pakistan, so we recommend: NEVER wash the backpack in the washing machine! Incidentally, your hiking backpack should not be allowed to dry in the dryer.

How do I clean my hiking backpack?

Your hiking backpack should first be emptied and shaken first to get rid of small stones and other loose dirt. Light soiling can be wiped with a damp cloth from the outside and inside.

If your hiking backpack is heavily soiled, you can soak it in the bath with warm water, PH neutral soap and a soft brush, and then gently clean it. The less you use the brush, the better, since the scrubbing will put a strain on the coatings of your backpack.

You can clean zippers and buckles with a toothbrush. Pay attention to the zippers that no dirt stuck, since this can damage the zipper with later use. Please do not use a hair dryer or even a dryer and do not put the backpack on the fully turned on heating – this only applies to the material unnecessarily.

Impregnate hiking backpack

After cleaning, and also simply by prolonged exposure to rain and sunlight, the impregnation of your hiking backpack will diminish over time.

You should refresh this impregnation regularly, regardless of whether your hiking backpack now has a rain cover or not. A good impregnation effectively protects against short rain showers without having to unpack the rain cover.

The impregnation of your hiking backpack, however, will never be as good by sprays as it was in the beginning. Unfortunately, commercially available impregnation sprays are not strong enough.

My hiking backpack does not look like new anymore, what should I do?

Some stains and traces of wear cannot be removed even with the best care. What can be done about it? Nothing at all! Instead, you should be happy that your companion carries the “scars” of your outdoor tours – only beginners have a brand new backpack!

A certain amount of stain is perfectly normal and really nice. If your backpack has to be replaced after many years of loyal service so enjoy crazy and cool backpacks online, and take a look at Bembel hiking backpacks and also Buy laptop bags online for your business and office purpose.

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