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The Top Essentials of a Luxury Real Estate Website

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With the rapidly changing marketing trends, websites have become a norm now for all sorts of businesses. The real estate agents have realized that a perfect and luxury website would definitely come handy in driving leads and conversions. Getting such a website is harder these days but you must look for a luxury website design company that has an outstanding portfolio of successful websites on top now. We have covered some of the top essentials for a real estate website that you got to expect your designer deliver in best possible manners.

Optimize Photography

Highly optimized images with professional touch go viral. Text can describe a lot but a well collected portfolio of images embarks more conversions and impresses the visitors. When it comes to a real estate business, images of the ongoing and successful projects must be provided on the website to let your customers have a look at what you believe in doing. Without a permanent section of photography from the professionals will miss a lot and may disappoint the viewers.

Website Layout

We visit a number of websites on daily bases; some of them impress us while others force us to move. The website layout is very important if you want the customers stay on your website and check out what they need. CommercialView provides exceptional kinds of website designs for the real estate websites and their portfolio made me go through it for hours. Your site must be highly optimized with comfortable designs and layout. Slow websites often irritate the visitors and they prefer moving ahead without have a look at what you have done.

Provide Community Pages

Here by community pages, we mean to provide a detailed section of your website for the projects and areas you are working. Providing maps with complete details, rates, costs, expenses, areas and all necessary details will be useful for the visitors to decide in better ways. Include some perfect images of the adjacent areas, roads, town and all amenities provided in the areas where you work. Your efforts will define who comes to you for their needs. Take your website pages to next level of optimization.

Utilize Social Media

Social media integration is an essential part of website marketing these days. After search engines, most of the traffic on a website comes from social media. Through this kind of marketing, you make it easier for your customers to check out your products, projects and all recent news. Social media helps the consumers interact with the organizations as well. 71% of the adults in world have Facebook accounts and this platform contains more than 1.8 billion users every day. Make Facebook a lucrative choice for your real estate business.

Create a Blog

Blogs have been reported to be effective ways for serving the readers and customers. Along with that you can optimize your website ranking by sharing guest posts on other relevant blogs with back links. A blog truly serves SEO purposes and providing insights to the customers regarding your business and latest additions. Your blog must contain all relevant posts and provide abundant knowledge to the readers otherwise they would to check other relevant websites for getting better ideas and insights.

Use Broken Links

When you have a website, you definitely share content on other blogs through guest posting. After some time these back links become dead and you can find all such broken links through SEO tools. Prepare a list of all the dead links, utilize them by posting fresh content and it will effectively produce positive results for site ranking.

Make Website Responsive

When you choose a developer to develop your website, always tell them to make a responsive website and put user-friendly themes and plugins. The recent studies show that our websites are visited by millions of readers through different devices, like cell phones and computers. The website must be responsive for cell phones as most of the search is done via these phone browsers. In the case, you fail to get a responsive website for cell phones you are missing a great number of customers.


When it comes to any business, website is very important. The digital media have evolved into a phenomenon called globalization. With you websites, now you can make your businesses run successfully but a perfect website for real estate needs certain factors to be incorporated. We hope these above given essentials are worth trying and would outcome in form of beneficial results. Never underestimate the power of your website by ignoring or spending a little time. SEO must be done regularly in order to maintain top appearance in search results. Local SEO plays vital role in visibility of your site to potential buyers in the city or state you are operating in.

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