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The Right Type of Chairs for Melbourne Office Furniture

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In modern times, more and more people are spending most of their working hours in office spaces and mostly seated in standard office chairs. Thanks to this deskbound lifestyle, people are becoming obese, out of shape and suffering from health problems.

Though health issues are caused by sedentary lifestyles, an uncomfortable office chair brings along a host of other problems. Spending hours in an uncomfortable chair causes neck pains, back problems and all kinds of body aches from bad posture.
Following guidelines will help you choose the right chairs during completion of office furniture fitouts Melbourne:

  • Test Drive

    Purchasing an office chair is like buying a car; you must surely test drive it once or twice. Concerning the chair, you must sit down on it and experience how it feels. Just like your car, you desire comfort since you will be spending so many hours shopping, commuting etc. in that chair. The same applies to your chair you will be spending so many hours on it, so choose with care.

  • Back Support

    The office chair must offer back support. The chair’s back support must remain the same while you move and rest in your chair. An office chair with good back support will enhance your right posture and reduce stiffness and back pain. Choosing an office chair without sufficient back support can result in lifelong back problems.

  • Seating

    Next, you must consider the padding and design of the seat. The seat front needs to feature a rounded edge. A horizontal, straight front will sever circulation on the back part of the knees. One handy tip is that you must be able to slide your fingers between the front edge of the seat and inside of its legs.

  • Width of Arm Rest and Seats

    You must be able to fit into the office chair. In case you have to squeeze into the chair, it is not the right fit even if you feel comfortable. There should be enough space between the armrests and the body. Also, the armrests need to interact with the desk.The right office chair will have adjustable armrests. Armrests are of no use if they are uncomfortable or unusable. Armrests of high quality can help with tasks like writing and reading and taking tension and pressure off the shoulders and neck.

  • Adjusting Heights

    People differ in their heights, so office chairs must be height adjustable. The following are the specifics of adjusting your office chairs and promoting good posture: thighs must be horizontal to the ground, while both feet are resting on the ground and wrists must be straight while typing.

    In case you do not find an office chair with the height that permits the above features, you may desire to find a way to change the height of your keyboard such that they can have straight wrist while typing and your body is aligned suitably with the floor and the chair.

  • Stability

    The office chair must be stable. You must take care of this while shopping for Melbourne office furniture. It is not funny when the chair tips over. It can cause permanent or serious injury. Search for a chair on wheels which swivels and has 5-point base that will keep you stable.

These are some of the tips to find the right office chair.

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