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The Importance Of Ranking On The Topmost Page Of Google

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The significance of Google in our society today is unpatrolled. Google is one of the most powerful search engines whose algorithm scans millions of web pages to determine websites that are most relevant and useful to what online users are searching for. People do not just trust Google, but they rely on this search engine to help them source information and make crucial decisions. For small or medium-sized businesses, a higher Google ranking can be the catalyst to your success. Here are the top benefits of ranking on the first page of the Google Search results.

You get Targeted Website Traffic

Your website will rank on the #1 page of Google when people search for the specific keywords that you have ranked for. For most business websites, over 90% of their Google traffic will come from page 1. Research shows that only less than 2% of web users will search beyond the page 2 results. This shows the benefits that your business will have by being on the first page of Google search results. The first search result usually gets over 30% of all the click-through traffic. This means that your position on the first page is also a crucial factor. You should keep in mind that a website that ranks #4 on the first page will get a higher number of clicks compared to a site that is #1 on page 2. Therefore, with a top ranking on page 1, your website will have lots of opportunities to boost your organic web traffic and achieve a higher ranking. Therefore, getting on page 1 should be your priority, especially if your website is not on this page.


If your website is on the first page of Google Search results, it will boost your chances of getting better exposure and targeted and quality traffic that can be converted into a sale. Many online users tend to focus on the first pages of the search results, which means that they will be able to see your business website with ease. Your website will thus be visited by many people who are looking for the products or services that you are offering. Even though this seems to be fairly straightforward, many business owners still underestimate the significance of high search engine ranking.

Boosts Brand Awareness

If your website is ranked on page 1 of Google, there is a higher chance that users will click on your site. However, even if users do not visit your business website, a higher Google ranking will still give your brand name the exposure that it needs. When consumers come across your business in the future, there are higher chances that this name will ring a bell. This means that the visibility that your business gets from being on page 1 will increase the number of visitors who come to your website. Increased brand awareness will make your brand widely recognizable and will boost the likelihood of social media users engaging with your business page.


Businesses that achieve more organic traffic will establish a strong sense of credibility with online users. On the other hand, companies that focus exclusively on paid Google advertisements will fall behind their competition with regard to credibility and presence. A higher organic search engine ranking will make your business to appear more authoritative both to your customers and to Google. This is because it confirms to users that your website is tremendously significant to their search enquiry and is also an indication that your service and products can also be trusted. Click here for the best digital marketing quotes.

Increased Conversion Rates

Ranking on the first page of Google will increase your conversion rates in different ways. The main objective of SEO is to boost sales by attracting more targeted and quality traffic. However, in many cases, the qualities of a website that ranks higher are also the characteristics that attract more customers. Websites on page 1 of Google will have clear and focused headlines which boost user experience thus resulting in increased conversion rates. Having quality, regular content will also improve your rankings and make your website more appealing to consumers. With an informative and well-designed website, you can reach page 1 with the assistance of an SEO specialist. This will help to boost your conversion rates by attracting more targeted traffic and creating a more positive experience for your customers.

24/7 Reach

Customers on the internet have different schedules and lives. One of the benefits of ranking on the first page is the fact that you can reach your target audience any time of day or night. Even when you finish your office work and head back home, your business will still rank on the first page, thus demonstrating the credibility of your company and attracting more traffic. Other paid advertising strategies such as radio, Television and paid online ads must be scheduled at a particular time to guarantee maximum reach to target audiences based on the standard working hours.

With a page 1 ranking, you will still attract online users who love browsing during the most popular hours or time of day. Additionally, you will also attract stay-at-home parents, shift-workers, individuals working from home, and users who are specifically searching for a local service or product. Your high-ranking business website will be accessed during all the hours of the day, unlike the time-specific campaigns that will miss out on many potential customers.

Be assured of long-term results

When you purchase advertising space in a magazine or on Google, you will initially improve your enquiries. However, these campaigns are usually short-lived and will only give results within the specified period. When your virtual campaign expires or when the next edition of the magazine is printed, you will have to pay for a new advert or another company will fill this space.  However, Search Engine Optimization is a long-term and affordable marketing strategy for your business. When your site ranks on the #1 page for a specific search result, this will be permanent. However, you will need additional SEO to ensure that you maintain or improve your position further.

Even though it is possible to run a successful business without being on the first page of Google, it is never easy. This is because you will have to rely heavily on other forms of advertising such as telesales, social media posts, emails, events, letters and referrals or word of mouth.  With the growing popularity of Google and the continued use of the internet, it is important for you to boost your Google rankings. This way, you will not lose out on many profitable opportunities.

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