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The Benefits of Modern Print Technology for Your Startup

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With the fast pace at which the modern world is turning more and more towards digitalization, one might think that printers are becoming a thing of the past. And while it is true that the bulk of the work can now be assigned to digital file formats that save us a ton of space, money and resources, most startups still need printers for several important matters. However, technological development did not skip the print industry. Modern printing technologies have created new ways in which especially small to medium-sized startups may leverage this industry to be as efficient as possible. So, here are some of the examples of modern print technology and the ways in which it can help your startup.

Managed printing is the future

There is hardly anyone in this world who hasn’t experienced the stress of dealing with printer problems. Your ink runs out when you need it the most, and your device simply refuses to cooperate when you’re in a hurry. The solution that was invented to save a lot of headaches for startups is managed printing, which allows you to sign up for specific printing services and forget about all the above-mentioned issues. You just need to supply your own paper and you’re good to go. Some of these services also offer print assessment beforehand to help you decide what exactly your needs are and what kind of printers you should subscribe for. It will make your life easier, especially if you’re not printer savvy.

Cost-effective management

Besides the many headaches, using managed printing can also save you some money. Firstly, look for a service that offers insights into your employees’ printer usage. They might even be able to provide you with information regarding your individual employees. Having this information not only lets you have your employees cut back on irrelevant printer use, but it also lets you organize better and adjust your subscription if needed for maximum efficiency. Finally, you won’t have to think about repair costs that seem to arise ever so often, as this is also part of the managed printing service provider’s job. Both time and money are saved along the way.

Make it sustainable

Sustainability is the buzzword of today, and of course, it found its way into the printing industry as well. Even if your startup has low printing needs and can manage its workflow without managed printing services, you can take steps towards being efficient. Your first step towards making sure that you are making the most of your printers is always going for premium printer cartridges. You can find these at discount prices in order to save some dollars along the way. Secondly, investing in printers with multiple functions saves you space and electricity. You can also look into eco-conscious printer options, as these are getting more widespread by the moment, and they will bring a real change into the printing industry as well as your wallet in the long term. Finally, the simplest thing you can do is think about whether creating a digital file and storing it on the cloud would suffice.

Brand new technologies

But the innovation has still not come to a halt. Last year, technologies such as nanography and water-based printing have emerged. While still in its early phases, the former uses nanotechnology to leverage the benefits of digital printing and offset printing at the same time – achieving the “lowest cost-per-page digital images”. The benefits of water-based printing, on the other hand, are thanks to water-based inks. This printing technology also allows printing on any surface (even rigid media), and that with outstanding color quality, meaning that printing even on wood is more than possible. This can mean so many new opportunities for brands in various industries. Finally, not to mention the developments in fabric printing, 3D printing and, of course, in the software department of the industry, which allows better workflow – something that graphic designers especially are very thankful for.

Innovation is everywhere around us, and the print industry is not an exception either. Any startup will benefit from taking advantage of any of the aforementioned opportunities. Think about your company’s needs and it won’t be hard to decide whether investing in some upgrades in the print department would be worth it – chances are, it would.

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