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Technology has helped shooters to perfect the art of aiming with more success

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Iron sights are now a thing of the past because to perfect the art of aiming accurately by using iron sights it requires considerable human capabilities. The better you can align the aiming eye with the sight axis; higher will be the success rate. Aligning the eye with the front and rear iron sights together with the target and ensuring accuracy is a challenging task and doing is time and again can be just too challenging.

Your aiming eye is focused not on the target but the front sight, and usually, the other eye is closed. There is nothing wrong with the technique but to perfect the art of aiming accurately needs lots of practice, but still, it is tough to ensure consistency. Things can fall apart especially during testing times under stressful conditions when you most need to be perfect. The flipside is that the technique limits your view of the surroundings and the target.

Telescopic sights have the answer

To overcome the limitations of using iron sights, shooters started relying on telescopic sights that appeared to help in better performance. However, the basics of aiming by aligning the vision with several other elements remained the same. You must place your eye along the center line of the sight tube and maintain a correct distance from it, or else you cannot see the sight picture. The problem can aggravate if you insist for higher magnification.  It takes much more time to adjust and fine-tune the vision that prolongs the shooting time.

However, the problem is less when you use IER (Intermediate eye relief) of extended eye relief (EER) scopes.  The issues of focus are well managed with telescopic sights because the target and the aiming reticle appear on the same focal plane and it enables to focus on both the target and reticle simultaneously. Since one eye remains closed when using telescopic sights, it reduces the awareness of the surroundings.

Reflex sights are even better

You will find a lot of mention about reflex sights on the website https://gunsights.org that are a notch above telescopic sights.  Reflex sights allow shooters more control and flexibility because you can use it with both eyes opened which means that eye relief is not an issue anymore. Moreover, there is no need for eye alignment with the sight tube or its axis. You can look through the sight from a distance that would not work for iron sights and telescopic sights but still be able to use the aiming reticle without any difficulty. There is no need to focus with one eye on a front sight while the target remains out of focus. With electronic sights, the shooter can pay full attention to the target by keeping both eyes opened while the aiming reticle dangles within the full field of view.

Technology has helped to make massive improvements in gun sights that can take care of adverse environments like poor light that can affect the performance of shooters and even help them perform better by overcoming the physical deficiencies that come with age.

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