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Helpful decoration ideas for organizing Christmas party outdoors

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Christmas is time for celebration with friends and family, but how about making this celebration more memorable by giving a new touch to it. While you must have seen a lot of attractive Christmas party ideas for your home, we have come up with interesting and unique ideas to celebrate your Christmas party outdoors.

Here’s a look at some ideas for organizing an outdoor Christmas party:

Christmas lights

You can make use of attractive lights to give outdoor a picturesque look. For the Christmas feel, choose lights in red, yellow, and green colours. These lights can be placed on the tree or plants, on the exteriors of your house, and, tables. You can also tie these lights from above and leave them hanging for a beautiful outdoor look.

Christmas truck

If you have a huge backyard or a garden outdoors, you can create a plastic truck like structure and decorate it with flowers and ribbons. You can keep Christmas gift for your friends on the truck or use it as a food counter. You can also place some string lights on the truck to give it an attractive look for a night party. If you wish to use the truck only for decoration, you can also place a Santa clause that you can buy from the market. This would make the truck attractive for kids.


You can’t imagine a Christmas décor without balloons. For Christmas, you can make use of white, red, and green balloons to go with the theme of Christmas. These balloons can be tied to the exteriors of the house or on the chairs and tables arranged for guests. If you have a centre table for cake, tie some balloons across the centre table. You can order helium balloons for a day party. The balloons Brisbane get delivered on the same day of ordering and can be ordered in bulk at affordable prices. click here to know more about balloons in Brisbane.

Christmas tree

How can you think of Christmas decoration ideas without a Christmas tree? You can buy a plastic Christmas tree and place it in the centre of your outdoor space. Make it a point to decorate the Christmas tree in such a way that it becomes the centre of attraction. You can use string lights, hangings, flowers, sparkling garlands, confetti, and much more for making the tree attractive. You will get a lot of decorative items for a Christmas tree from any gift shop.

Ribbons and garland

You can make use of green ribbons and red garlands for decorating the porch of the house. For windows and doors, you can use wreaths.

Potted plants

If you don’t have enough plants in your outdoor space, bring some beautiful plants and place them in attractive pots. Try to choose more of green plants as they look amazing for a Christmas décor.


For your outdoor party, you would certainly have tables and chairs for the guests. Cover the table with nice satin cloth in white or pink and tie the chairs in beautiful red ribbons.

These are some of the easy ideas which can be executed without spending a lot of money for the Christmas decorations.

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