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Some hidden facts about t-shirts You must know

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If you’re looking to get on board with throwback trend, K junction has brought some easy going outfit trends and styling tips to help make it modern and up to date. T-shirts had a colorful past in the fashion industry. It is very popular as casual wear or even as formal wear.


This is the best, perfect and the easiest option that you could just throw on, look fairly stylish and be comfortable too. They are always something that you can happily wear if you are going out to see friends in a casual environment. However, if you are heading to dinner or parties. It is probably the best to throw on a pair of jeans with a jacket.


Initially, t-shirts are designed are for sport, or for athleisure wear, These are something men would only really be seen in public in if they were walking to or from the gym. Possibly getting out of the house for a lazy walk to the local shop on a Sunday afternoon too. You can easily buy the best colorful casual or formal t-shirts from one of the best online shopping stores in Pakistan that is Kjunction without any doubts.


Therefore, tee-shirts are every man’s favorite style piece in their daily outfits. It is simple to wear but still most men require a very few decisions when wearing them before going public.

Men also like dressing up as much as the women love or more than that and there are plenty of times you will hear talk about the virtues of a perfectly-made outfits. Moreover, A  man’s basic outfit is a T-shirt and jeans.


This is what you wear at home, on the weekends, at the party, and even in the office when you are not in mood to wear something formal. You probably spend more of your life on a T-shirt than in any other outfits. Maybe because it is such an everyday thing, the T-shirt gets much attention. You should do extraordinary things to make it good and different regularly.

Some T-shirts are better than others. There are infinite options in our latest collection.


Here’s why the best T-shirts work so well, and how can you look different even on daily basis.


Tips to wear t-shirts


  1. Always wear a casual shirt when it is appropriate. Always wear a casual shirt with a decent color in any suitable event. For example, if you wear a t-shirt at the wedding where people prefer to wear a suit and shalwar kameez etc. You look there very awkward. So wear t-shirt according to the event.


  1. The second secret, make sure your tee-shirt is fitted on your body. If it is not fit on your body it looks very bad. Fit t-shirts show your shoulder’s muscles and hug your chest. This makes your body wide and in shape.


  1. V neck t-shirts always look you better.


  1. Wearing tee-shirts with casual coat or jackets also look you perfect for any event.


Now you know the secrets to look you perfect and handsome even on regular basis. You would never be bored by tee-shirts if you look upon on the above secrets before buying tee-shirts. Have a look at online shirts Pakistan collections and buy the best quality t-shirts online in Pakistan

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