Anyone who deals with CDs or DVDs frequently must have been disappointed several times when trying to read the files recorded on a disc: there are messages talking about CRC errors, corrupted files or simply the impossibility of copying that entire video or photo. The good news is that you can prevent this problem using a program called dvdisaster.

DVD or CD is the cheapest option for backup nowadays, considering the capacity of the media and the optical drive, so it will be the choice of many users.

Unfortunately, optical disks deteriorate, sooner or later. To mitigate this problem, dvdisaster generates a file containing an ECC (error-correcting code). If you need to recover data from very damaged CD in NYC, dvdisaster can use the generated ECC file to retrieve lost information.

CDs, DVDs, hard drives and even RAM memory use error correction codes. On CDs and DVDs, their functionality is limited and the disc will quickly deplete its ability to autocorrect. The ECC generated by the dvdisaster will guarantee extra protection far superior to the disc standard.

Dvdisaster reads the entire disc and generates an image in “ISO” format. From it the ECC file is created.

How a dvdisaster ECC works

Disks have sectors, and when part of the industry can not be read, all of it is invalidated. Often, the system will stop reading a file when the first bad sector is found. An error correction code (ECC) contains information that helps the computer determine the values of sectors that are not being read.

Using dvdisaster, you can read the entire disk and then use the ECC information to calculate what was stored in the lost sectors, retrieving the information. Some data recovery software tries to do the same thing without using ECC, which can take much longer, if that is possible.

In some cases, minor defects on the CD / DVD may render the ECC of the dvdisaster useless. But such cases are rare; the dvdisaster algorithm is optimized to recover the disks in cases of external deterioration and usual scratches – the most frequent ones. Only scratches of certain unusual formats will be able to damage the disc in such a way as to make it unrecoverable.

Checking a disc

The ECC should be created when the disc is good. Dvdisaster does not recover damaged disks that did not have an ECC generated. The dvdisaster Scan option searches for damaged disk sectors. This option can be used to see if an old CD / DVD can still be “protected” to see if it needs to be fixed and redone if an ECC has already been created for it.

Reading a disc and creating the ECC

First, select the path to the files. To do this, simply click on the icons next to the text boxes at the top. The default path is usually undesirable, especially in Windows, as it will try to write the files in “Program Files”, which is not recommended.

To start the process, simply insert a CD or DVD into the specified drive. You can either put it on a DVD or leave it on the hard drive.

As it has mentioned above that DVDisaster does not work with damaged CD or DVD. If you need to recover important data from CD or DVD, then you have to hire professional data retrieval service in NY.

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