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As a social media executive working for the Xfinity Double Play Promotions project, I’ve had my fair share of Facebook and Instagram business campaigns to deal with. And as a lifelong girl scout, I’ve always had a love affair with my makeup. In fact, most of my salary goes towards purchasing lipsticks, eyeliners and nail polishes. Because in my opinion, a good first impression counts for a lot in today’s world. And when you’re employed as a social media marketer, you need to put your game face on. Because your profile picture is going to be circulated all across the web. And it is often the case that entire business collaborations fall apart. All because the ‘outreach’ people involved weren’t pretty enough!

On Going with the Flow…

Trust me…it happens. It’s unfair, but it is what it is.

And in my experience, I’ve learned that going with the flow is much easier than launching a crusade against the system. Because that route gets you fired. And no monthly salary means no cash for makeup. Which, of course, means that the other ladies in the ring get to ‘best you’ at your own gain. A painful fate that I wouldn’t wish upon any girl. And particularly not one who’s just started with a new career in the social media industry.

Ok, so enough about me and what I think.

In this post, I want to discuss some of the common mistakes that people make with their social media marketing campaigns. Some of these are so silly that I’m often left wondering how some people get the job in the first place! And believe me, I’m no marketing genius or expert. I just believe in finishing the tasks assigned to me honestly. And for the most part, I think that’s all that should be expected from an employee in the first place!

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Before I go to list these ‘mistakes’ one by one, let me fill you in on a little trade secret. When you’re working as a marketer for any type of business, you really need to think like a customer. Because only then will you understand your consumers’ motivation to buy your products & services. The only reason why I make mention of this obvious point is because it gets ignored a lot. One of my college business professors once told me that the ‘sales process starts and ends with human beings’. And it is very important for all business people not to forget this.

Starting from this principle, here are 15 types of mistakes that you need to avoid:

  1. Writing Difficult Ad Content
  2. Adding a Lot of Graphics with Little Information
  3. Bad Post Timing
  4. Copying (Plagiarizing) Ad Content
  5. Using a Lot of Cliché
  6. Targeting the Wrong Audience
  7. Targeting with the Wrong Content Keywords
  8. Making Infrequent Posts
  9. Ignoring Customer/Readers Comments & Feedback
  10. Ignoring Emerging Online Trends
  11. Not Featuring the Latest Promotions
  12. Not Relying on Team Consensus before Postings
  13. Only Relying on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Outreach
  14. Uneven Postings Distribution between Different Platforms
  15. Becoming Restless

Writing Difficult Ad Content

If you didn’t already know this, you need to internalize this instruction right now! Writing difficult content for your online ads will not increase your sales. What it will do, however, is turn some potential customers the other way.

And I’m betting you don’t want that to happen!

So my advice…go easy on the vocabulary and the technical jargon. Write for 13 years old, and you’re good to go!

Stuffing Ads with a LOT of Graphics

Seriously, don’t even think about going there. Because not only does this make your posts look extremely tacky, you’ll also risk irritating your target audience. Now I’m not asking you to leave out all the graphics, here. Just be careful not to turn your posts into complete cartoons – and little else.

Bad Post Timings

Before posting your social media ads, you should have a clear idea about the times of the day (of the week) when your target audience is the most active. This means that you should not be publishing your ads at the midnight hour when everyone is likely to be asleep. Instead, aim for times in the late afternoon and the evening. Because it is mostly on these times that most people take a quick peek at their social media feeds.

Copying Ad Content

Never, and I mean never, even think about copying somebody else’s ad content. And this includes both the graphics and the text. Because if you get in the habit of plagiarizing someone else’s effort, you’ll seriously compromise the message of your own brand. And this can prove fatal!

Using a Lot of Overly-Used Words

You seriously need to rely on your own originality when it comes to making social media ads. Just take a few minutes to brainstorm new ideas, and you’re sure to make your mark!

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Almost every social media business account comes with customized audience-targeting options. And so you need to make good use of these if you’re interested in reaching out to some real customers. And not wasting any of your marketing allowances.

Using the Wrong Content Keywords

Keywords are terms that do a pretty good job of explaining what you’re in the business of selling. And so you need to make use of the ones that are the most communicative. This will remove any hint of confusion in the minds of your targeted audience.

Making Infrequent Posts

Aim for at least three to four ad posts in a day. Any less, and you risk letting your customers completely off the hook. And into the arms of your competitors!

Ignoring Reader Comments/Feedback

You should answer all the people who engage with your social media pages. This helps to keep a healthy rapport flowing. And leading to some possible sales.

Ignoring Emerging Trends

Doing so will only cause your brand to lose out on any new areas for market growth and expansion. So don’t do it.

Not Updating Ad Content

This will cause your customers to only be aware of the old information. And this can cause embarrassment to the brand, and irritation to consumers.

Ignoring Team Consensus

Social media campaigns should never be ‘one man’ campaigns. Instead, their strategy should be agreed upon by the entire marketing team.

Only Relying on Social Media Outreach

Your social media campaigns should ideally be accompanied by email outreach. This helps businesses to keep connected with their customers.

Uneven Postings Distribution

If your brand runs three social media accounts, then you should aim for an equal number of ad postings on each of them. No buts or ifs!

Becoming Impatient

With social media marketing, there are often good chances that you won’t see promising results right away. So you need to be patient – and not sabotage your own efforts.

Recently, I was engaged by an ISP company to promote its Xfinity Internet Plans on social media. And through some consistent hard work, I got a lot of new customers to sign-up with the company. All thanks to my decision to stick with the marketing points highlighted above. And my patience in waiting for the results to pour out by themselves!

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