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Signs to Consult the Best Heart Specialist Clinic at Orchard Mount Elizabeth

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In life, there is no do-over. You must be familiar with this phrase. Although for the maximum part this is correct, but there is a particular area where if you get lucky to receive an early warning/sign you are likely in getting a do-over. Here the focus is on health, to be more specific heart health. Should you be lucky enough in receiving the early symptoms of heart disease it is wise to act immediately else you may not get another chance ever.

Some Signs Related to Heart Disease

In case you are lucky, the heart will convey to you in different ways that it is struggling, it is sick and needs help. Although some are born with a genetic heart problem yet, it is bad cholesterol that is the most common donor of heart disease. Bad cholesterol happens due to our food habits. Proper nutrition is crucial for healthy heart health. It is the heart which is the control hub for other vital organs so looking after it through managing cholesterol indeed is of utmost significance to prevent different forms of serious illness. Triglycerides and LDL represent fat within the blood which restricts the flow of blood to as well as from the heart. Some of the early symptoms of heart disease are as follows,

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fatigue more often
  • Trouble breathing
  • Dizzy spells

Not only this, there are other early symptoms of heart problem too or the progression towards a possible heart attack. These signs are as follows,

  • The pressure in the chest
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Jaw pain
  • Pain in the left arm right from the shoulder up to the hand

What to Do When You Get These Warning Signs?

The moment you experience any of these signs do not neglect it as this can take a toll on your health. See a cardiologist from a renowned clinic such as Julian Tan Orchard Heart Specialist Clinic right away. After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe you some regiment which will comprise of some tests for determining the extent of damage depending on the early symptoms of the heart disease. To stay in the pink of health, you also need to adopt a few healthy habits such as kicking off the smoking habit and controlling the body mass index as per your age and height and also getting daily exercise. Going for a brisk walk daily for just 20 minutes will help a great deal in reducing the bad cholesterol.

The early symptoms of heart problem will be your wake-up call. There are treatments available, but you need to choose a good cardiac specialist. The consultation is a vital part of the medical treatment process. Along with helping to diagnose the problem, it will also treat the heart condition at its best. They will educate the patient about the lifestyle changes needed to prevent the heart condition from getting worse or in hastening the process of recovery. When you undergo periodic cardiology consultation, your heart will be monitored for the changes which may endanger your health.

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