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Typical Shop Signs Tips that Retailers Cannot Possibly Ignore

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Shop signs are being used from centuries to attract customers and with the time and the technology, these signs have evolved brilliantly. Shop signs today are an integral part of sales strategy and marketing. The primary objective of the shop sign is to get noticed amongst the crowd. It is only quality signage that will make your shop noticed amongst the series of shops in the row. Good signs will drive foot traffic, communicate with viewers and will prevent confusion and overstimulation. Therefore, signage should not be your afterthought. Signage design is as important as your website design.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing the Signage

These are few points that should be kept and considered if you are designing your signage:

  • Specific to make a customized sign
  • Put it in the right place
  • Conceptualize narrowcasting
  • Include all details
  • Add location-specific instructions
  • All relevant product information
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep message clear
  • Follow the five-second rule
  • Write in headline text and
  • Create a call to action.

Ideally, you should follow the most significant principle of print journalism in designing shop signs which is ‘punch line matters.

Tips to Create Compelling Signage

The most important thing to consider creating compelling retail signage is the attention span. This has shortened over time and that is why you have to be to the point and hit the nail at it head right away. How can you add fluffs in a 140 character Twitter update or a YouTube video that must be under two minutes?  Therefore, you must respect the fact that customers now are in a hurry.

  • Fonts: It is Important that fonts that are being used should be easy to read. This will ensure that you get away with your sign and also drive sales at the same time which is two entirely different things. When shop signs do not have curly-cues, multiple colors and smaller fonts it will grand customer’s attention and gravitate the message you want to convey.
  • Word choice: Use of proper words is another important factor. Use you or yours always as customers usually start visualizing using the products when they look at a sign.
  • Short messages: Less is always more in creating shop signs. Therefore use shortened text messages of a couple of words, few initials, or one emoticon only to make a short and succinct message.

Finally, test your sign and edit ruthlessly till all the fluffs are gone, it is not faint and even a viewer moving is a car at 25 mph can see it.

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Details to Pay Attention To

You must include all details, choose the right colors, design it well and even put the sign at the right place.

There are other few things to consider as well such as:

  • All shop signs must stick to the basic information
  • It must be clean and easy to read
  • It must be well-lit and well-maintained
  • Add business name and type
  • Ensure there are no obstructions such as trees, power lines, or other buildings and
  • Inspect its visibility from customers’ perspective only.
  • Make sure that you include your business logo, phone number, address, website URL as well. It is good to add a slogan, a call to action and text or SMS code.
  • Make sure that you use bold colors that complement with the text and background colors. It will make the sign easier to read.
  • Mix upper and lowercase letters and choose a simple typeface without using more than two different fonts.

Remember, carefully designed shop signs with relevant graphics are always more memorable making it both visually appealing and explicable at a glance.

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