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Run Event Management business like a Pro with these organization tools

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Nowadays, celebrations have gained a major role to play in one’s life. People love to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones, near and dear. They capture and frame those moments that could be cherished forever.

Planning one such occasion for someone who’s looking for the best event planners in the town is a blessing. Well, of course, leaves you in a traumatic hectic schedule. Although,  it’s a huge tiring cascade of events you can find utmost pleasure once you get to see how great your celebrations have turned up and how happy your clients are with your blockbuster plan of execution.

To all those party planners, Are you constantly haunted by ever-growing dues and frustrated by over bookings? Oh, Well! that’s not a hard-shell nut to crack with internet and online tools at your fingertips. There are different versions of tools that could keep your work well ordered once you start using them.

To begin with, though you might be a small party planner in your town who organizes birthday parties, charity events etc.. or a well known big hunt who holds lavish pool parties, big fat weddings, and official meetings, all you need is an organizing tool that shares 50 percent your workload with the same efficiency. Just upload your status and your clients can reach out whenever they need you.

Here we are, with the topmost intuitive organizational tools that let you plan your events smoothly.

1. Picktime-

It’s a free online scheduling software for event management that lets you manage your team efficiently without making hundreds of calls to assign tasks. Another feature is your team and your clients will receive reminders through emails and SMS about the upcoming event. You can also save customer contacts, create a customized AD-free website for your business, sync your fav calendar(Outlook/ Google) to display your free dates for fixing appointments.

It’s quite simple and easy to use while you can integrate with your Facebook page with a one-click book now widget (a simple way to attract a massive number of clients). This is only a gist of the features that they’ve got. Sign up for FREE and check all their added features, now. Chuck all your accustomed methods and use Pick time.

2. Google drive-

Though it’s not a complete event management tool you can still store all your excel sheets, sync your customer or team contacts, save your pictures and share with whoever you want, it doesn’t completely allow you to plan your events. It can only help you in saving the information at one place and recheck whenever you need it. This needs effort from your side as well.

3. Slack-

With multiple team members at different locations and a chain of events to handle, it really gets manic for you to assign tasks and look into everything all at once.

Slack is an online tool helping you to manage your team, share your work and upload important documents in one place. It isn’t just for messaging your team and helps you coordinate with them, it also helps you store your client database, PDFs, word documents in one place.

4. Basecamp-

 Basically combines all the tools for your team to access whenever and wherever required. You can simply manage your team and assign them tasks, view upcoming schedules, personalize your appointments, upload important files, use message boards for communicating etc.. You can sign up this tool for a 30-day free trial and pay $90 per month later on.

5. Eventopedia-

 When you’ve got an upcoming event you expect the right supplies such as the perfect venue, food suppliers etc.. from the market. Eventopedia has done that job for you already, it reduces all your time consuming and laborious process of searching the best options by providing user reviews about the suppliers across the globe. Just drop in the information regarding the location, number of guests, and the type of event you are going to host.

 With ushering digital and technological evolution, the internet is providing a number of online tools that are appropriately designed for getting your days together within minutes. So why not give them a try and save tonnes of your time? All you got to do is, choose it wisely.

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