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Role of Instagram in Shaping Web Design Principles

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The outreach of social media platforms seems to be very wide currently and this is primarily the reason why marketers and businesses are all flocking to Instagram. This popular social networking site has achieved phenomenal success over the years and presently enjoys over 1 billion monthly active users. You could well imagine the scale at which the users are interacting on this platform when you know that they end up uploading 40,000 pictures every day and post around 1,000 comments every second.

Today all websites are displaying social media buttons just to tell the visitors that they are present on the social networking sites. As such, website designing is being influenced increasingly by the requirements of popular social media platforms such as Instagram. Web design principles are made really adaptable so that they suit Instagram’s dynamism. Since the majority of the brands and businesses are jumping onto the Instagram bandwagon, web designers and website developers are realizing the growing need for coming up with web designs that complement and encourage social interaction.

Moreover, users are in the habit of constantly switching between social media platforms like Instagram and the usual websites. So web designers are under massive pressure to provide the same sort of user experience. Here are some effective web design principles to follow for achieving design synergy between Instagram and your business website. You may seek the services of professional agencies that help to boost your Instagram followers.

Interactive Web Design

The best part of Instagram is its ability to actively interact with the users while focusing on creating and presenting highly-engaging visual content. This interactive feature of the platform is supported by competent Instagram automation tools such as Gramista that act as the substitute for the user while he or she is away from Instagram. Such a tool would keep the normal activities going.

Web visitors when redirected from Instagram, certainly would be having similar expectations from the websites. They would be looking for a responsive and intuitive UX while browsing the website. So web design must be made more interactive so that users are able to experience the same level of ease and comfort. Remember when websites offer a better user experience; they are successful in creating a better brand appeal. So web design must integrate elements of interactivity for being on par with all other popular social media platforms.


The dynamism of Instagram must reflect positively in your website design in order to create a greater impact on your target audience. If web designers are prepared to try out new things then they would be gaining in the long run. There must be a certain degree of flexibility in web design principles as well. Lessons must be learned from Instagram that has been making certain strategic changes to forge ahead of the competition and to effectively maintain its relevance. Smart web designers have already devised their web design strategies for keeping things flexible and fluid.

Flexibility is necessary for incorporating small modifications for capturing the mood of your users and catering perfectly to their precise demands. A change in design may help in enhancing the overall functionality of your website and definitely, add to the UX.


You must include clear backdrops and recognizable icons in your website design by drawing inspiration obviously, from Instagram. When users are able to enjoy seamless UX, they would stay longer on your site.

Attention to Detail

Detail is extremely important particularly, to imagery. You must constantly see if you could make certain enhancements and transformations to pictures in order to effectively convey your brand message and also, accentuate their beauty. Always ensure that the original picture is of high resolution.


Instagram today, has actually redefined web design. Moreover, web designers must keep in mind that if they stay in tune with Instagram and other popular social media trends, their website would stay relevant and attractive to users redirected from these social networking sites.

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