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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

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The new year has begun. And if you are like any other professional or business owner, you probably take some time to review the company’s goals and re-evaluate different strategies as well as budgets. Your marketing is an important part of this puzzle.

Perhaps you are planning to increase your marketing efforts by hiring an agency. Or maybe you are not completely satisfied with your current marketing business.

Will the agency work with me to establish and achieve the goals of the company?

Each deliverable and action should relate to the overall goals of your business. Ask the agency how it will link marketing activities to site traffic, lead generation and revenue.

Who are his former clients?

If you check out some of the agency’s work and notice that all of its clients have been B2B manufacturing companies, you might want to know more. Not to mention that agencies cannot be extremely versatile, it makes sense to analyze the impressions of past customers in the same industry as you. At the same time, pay attention to agencies that work exclusively in one sector.

 What points did you like about the last company you worked with, and which ones did you not like?

If this is not your first rodeo, analyze why you are looking for a new agency. Study the positives and negatives of your experience, and be honest about the kind of results you want to have with this new agency.

How will the intervention measure the success and ROI of marketing expenses?

If you see marketing as a giant black hole where your company is paying thousands of dollars each year, this question is particularly obvious. It can take months to test what the whole thing and then multiply the results, but the agency must be able to demonstrate the return on investment of marketing campaigns and advertising spend.

Is it a one-stop shop for all your marketing and web design needs, or is it specialized in PPC ads?

The different services that an agency provides are one of the most important factors to consider. Each agency is better in some areas than in others, which gives you an idea of ​​what your professional needs to make sure it’s the right profile.

How much of the work will be subcontracted?

A marketing company could offer web design, but these designs will be outsourced. Or is there an art director and design team on staff? It is normal to outsource some assignments, but if you reorganize your company’s website or do a full rebranding, it’s much more comforting to know that there are experienced designers or web developers on the team.

With whom will you work regularly?

You probably know from your different experiences that the people you work with have a huge impact on your happiness and success. When you hire a marketing agency, you essentially get new teammates. From marketing to producing tangible results, the typical minimum deduction is 8 to 12 months. Make sure these new colleagues are good people with whom you cannot wait to collaborate and communicate next year or more! Start by visiting the agency’s website (if they are accessible). When you go there, ask if you can meet some of the team members who would have to work on your project.

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