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Pregnancy and Medications to Use During This Time

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Pregnancy and Medications

Pregnancy is a very critical time for every woman. During this course of time, a woman has to take care of a lot of things including the medications which she is taking. In general, when we go through seasonal diseases like cold, flu, fever, etc., many of us just take medicines from any pharmaceutical even without prescription. It is wrong at that point of time also, but during pregnancy, it can result in a big danger. So, today we are going to talk about the pregnancy and the medications which a pregnant woman should take.

Safe Medications

When we say safe medications during pregnancy, then that should come from a doctor. The medicines which are not prescribed by a doctor are not recommended during pregnancy. There are medications related to vitamins, supplements, some seasonal health issues, allergies, etc. which differ for a pregnant woman in compare to a normal person. On different sites, you may get the list of safe medicines or drugs to be taken during such conditions. But we strictly suggest you take them only once you consult or ask your doctor about them. As those medicines may be common for all pregnant woman but depending on your health condition or the condition of your fetus, it can, or it may affect the health of you and your baby.

Effect of Medicines

If you are taking prescribed medicines during pregnancy, then it is fine. Else, it can be very problematic and danger for a pregnant woman to take medicines during pregnancy. Here, are some of the consequences of drugs used in pregnancy.

  • It can damage the organ of the fetus.
  • It can cause a problem in the growth and development of the fetus.
  • It can cause premature labor.
  • It can even cause stillbirth or can put the baby’s life in danger.
  • It can even cause miscarriage.
  • This can create a birth defect in the baby.

Factors causing medicinal side-effects

Alone, the medications cannot cause the side-effect to the baby or the pregnant woman. There are certain factors which can be the cause of such side-effects, like:

  • Check the dosage
  • Number of times you are taking the medicine
  • The type of medicine taken by you
  • Any change in the prescription of the medicine by yourself
  • Any previous health condition, severe or normal
  • Medications were taken along with some other kind of medicines
  • Allergic to any of the chemical or substitute present in the medicine
  • The response of the body or the fetus towards the medicine

Unsafe Drugs during Pregnancy

We are not referring to the exact pregnancy medicine name here which are unsafe for you. But we are talking about those generic drugs or medications which you intake but are harmful to you, like:

  • Over-the-counter medications are not good during pregnancy
  • Consuming caffeine in any form like coffee, soft drinks, tea, etc. is also harmful.
  • Consuming alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy is injurious to health.
  • Medicines which are banned should not be consumed during pregnancy.
  • Herbal or natural medications without proper consultation are also not good.
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