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Prediction for Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

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When we talk about reaching the target audience on Social Media channels, we need to create a checklist of things to keep in mind. For example, effectively creating content around your brand, choosing the right audience etc. are important aspects to keep in mind. When we add posts to a page that already has audience engagement, it encourages the audience to explore the brand’s products and services.  At the same time, we use Social Media Marketing tools to track and tap the performance of posts and to optimize them further.

With only a few days left to 2018, brands need to start planning for the coming year and need to create their Social Media Marketing Strategy according to the predicted trends.

Stronger Social Analytics for Higher Content Personalization

Nobody likes content that isn’t related to their interests. This is especially true when a person is interacting with a brand they recognize and love. The last thing they want is a piece of generic content that doesn’t offer them anything unique. In fact, it has been proved that nearly three out of four people become unsatisfied when content isn’t related to their interests.

Enhanced personalization for spectators is a major trend in content marketing. As social platforms develop, their analytical tools and business-specific features will become more detailed and valuable to brands. The kind of data produced will give marketers more insights to craft better and more tailored content for their listeners. 

Social Listening for Better Messaging

It is important to not only consider content posted by competitors but also to be more aware of how the audience reacts to it. One needs to monitor what the people are saying in order to be able to compare your brand’s performance. Social listening can thus, give you valuable information about the kind of content the audience may or may not like.

 Video to Play a Vital Role in Content Strategy

Continued research on Social Media channels shows that video posts are more popular than content posts. Short videos with duration of about 15 to 30 seconds tend to get more popularity amongst the audience across all Social Media channels. In fact, as proven by Facebook’s reporting features, videos receive much higher engagement. At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that videos are any day more appealing to the audience.

LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat also give brands a platform to create video content about their products and services and to share it amongst their followers. However, one needs to ensure that video quality is not compromised and is highly engaging.

Facebook is Becoming Almost Entirely Mobile

By 2020, it’s expected that 59 percent of U.S. users will access Facebook through mobile exclusively, and 80 percent of the company’s ad revenue already comes from mobile ads.

Facebook was one of the last social media platforms that weren’t really designed from the beginning to be on mobile. Looking at popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat that are developed to focus on mobile, we’ve seen the trend of mobile-only social apps for a while. Sure, mobile optimization has been an industry best practice for savvy marketers for a while and with Facebook becoming almost entirely mobile, brands will have no option but to create content that is also optimized for mobile.

 Chatbots to Make Customer Service Faster and Easier

Chatbots assist people 24/7 and build relationships with potential customers as they instantly tend to queries by people visiting their website. Despite being fully automated, they manage to add a personal touch to any website. For customers expecting immediate answers to their questions, Chatbots are an ideal solution, especially when they’re used through Facebook Messenger.

Today, there are at least 100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook Messenger, and over two billion messages are exchanged between brands and users each month. If you haven’t already considered chatbots for your business, 2018 may be the year to do so.


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