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Prediction for Public Relations Trends in 2018

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Prediction for Public Relations Trends in 2018

We have seen the kind of trends that shaped Public Relations in 2017. There has been an increase in the need for reputation management, the use of influencers has been growing rapidly, more and more live videos are being shared etc. However, the industry is constantly changing and the coming year will without a doubt point to new trends as brands try to communicate in better ways. Watch out for these trends in Public Relations in 2018!

The Advancement of Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is a fundamental part of PR. It enables brands to engage with customers and to emerge as specialists in their respective industries. The senior management—CEOs, CMOs, and CFOs of partnerships—are typically the individuals who share their skills. However, as content marketing becomes diverse, we expect to see more and more thought leaders from different fields.  Partners and front-liners would all be able to give bits of knowledge and offer encounters to help customers and to build the brand.

Share-Worthy Content

It is very difficult for brands to identify the type of content that is shared in dark social which makes it difficult for them to find out what kind of content appeals to their customers. This is a huge blind-spot which will push brands to post more relatable, engaging and share-worthy content. With more content being shared outside the dark social, brands will be able to identify what attracts their audience. Thus, brands must focus on their content, keeping in mind that it needs to be more engaging, unique and eye-catching.

Digital Roadmaps

Digital Marketing is an important tool and is highly effective for brands. Brands have started embracing this tool and have started developing more and more extensive campaigns, covering various platforms online. In order to further strengthen and plan their marketing efforts, brands will be using digital roadmaps to ensure that their messaging remains constant across all channels. 

Positive Engagement

Companies are beginning to understand that it’s the quality, not the quantity of the engagement on a campaign that matters the most. Getting a large number of likes, comments and shares mean nothing if the campaign receives bad reviews and negative comments. The brand’s reputation is of utmost importance. To encourage positive reactions from the audience, brands need to create content that is helpful to their customers and encourages them to participate.  

Comprehensive Campaign Measurement

Brands are expected to be more vigilant about their campaigns in 2018. They will be looking at more in-depth analysis including quantitative data like the number of articles published, media value etc. and qualitative data like reaching the right bloggers and influencers and the types of reactions they get on social media. Brands will look at better ways of making the most out of their budget.

It’s important to be constantly aware of changes in the PR industry. Watch out for the latest trends and adapt to them to stay on top of your competition!

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