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Outstanding Decoration Ideas to Take Wedding over the Top

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Outstanding Decoration Ideas to Take Wedding Over the Top

The wedding is the most special event in every couple’s life. So they are more excited and thrilled on how to make the wedding extra special and memorable. The decoration is an integral part creates a lasting impression. So here we take you to the concept of modern decoration ideas to be remembered for a lifetime. You can adjust the color scheme of your wedding scheme. Our ideas are exceptionally beautiful to help you in making “the knot” journey successful and filled with joy.

1. Hanging Flower

Flowers are given the chore importance in any type of occasion. The wedding is the most special occasion of a couple’s life. It meant to be celebrated with live nature. So send flowers are the best excuse to bring life into a wedding. You can add a drama into the wedding by hanging floral touches the earth. Use matching color floral garlands to adorn the wedding backyard, entrance, and the photo booth. Wedding chairs look incomplete without the floral decoration. You can hang some tea lights with mini floral bouquet behind the chairs. Revamp the dance floor by putting purple and yellow flowers underneath the dance floor. This will create a magical effect. It completely changes the outlook of the wedding spot.

2. Dramatic Red Draped

The wedding takes place in February so you have the best time to pull romance at the wedding. Red is a symbol of love so use dramatic red color to create an intimate vibe. It’s the most special moment of a couple’s life and so the red color scheme complements a lot. All from the ceiling to the wedding table, wedding chairs are decorated in the red color scheme. Hanging big chandeliers amidst the red draped ceilings gives wedding destination a charming and fascinating look.

3. Open Tent

Open air wedding is the best example to call nature to be the spectator of your wedding. The sky is dark; stars sparkle like the chandelier and the moon become the center of attraction. Hire one tent and cover this with beautiful silk curtains and flowers. Twilight tea light candles on the wedding aisles. Have some nature inspired table settings to enjoy the wedding time with nature?

4. Chandeliers with Fairytale

Booking a luxurious chandelier may cost a lot. Instead, you can use fairy lights to tantalize the wedding space. Cover the ceiling with fairy light chandeliers. Match the color of light with the wedding color scheme. With so many options in fairy lights, you can add so much creativity hanging fairy light chandeliers.

5. Sweeping out Rose Petals

it is one of my favorite thing to do. You can replace the colorful papers into rose petals it saves lots of costs and also you get the whimsical look when couples are showered with beautiful rose petals. I have given the confetti cannon romantic look by filling rose petals inside.

6. Starlit Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the center of attraction of every wedding space. The green inspired wedding is adorned with hanging greens on the ceilings. Green veins are falling down from the ceiling. And the center part is astonished by a big chandelier. The perfect decoration designed to give your wedding a new and stylish look.

7. Hanging Mirror on Ceiling

The more you think of to be different you get more idea to make it possible. Hanging the mirror on the place of chandeliers is a new concept laid to enhance the wedding space. Mirrors are beautifully framed with pink roses and white roses. Hang all these beautiful mirrors on the guest table. This is a whole new concept made to give the wedding space a stunning new look.

February is the season to show love and affection and romantic flowers delivery is an object to express it willfully.

You can add a little bit of drama, a little bit of romance by using the above-mentioned wedding decoration ideas. You can modify the design by using your creative thoughts. The jaw-dropping wedding ideas are very easy to follow and apply. The decoration looks elegant but provided less effort to make it possible. The wedding is the most prominent day of a couple’s life. Helping the above tricks they have the best time to make it a memorable journey of life.

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