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Optimize Your Facebook Ads with Split Testing Features

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Facebook Ads With Split Testing Features

Facebook has introduced a new feature on their advertising platform called Split Testing. Split testing can be set at the campaign level for all types of campaigns except for brand awareness. Most people feel that their ads are well optimized and are reaching the right people, are appearing at the right place and are of the right cost. However, posting ads and optimizing them can sometimes be a little time consuming and doesn’t always lead to accurate, measurable results.

While optimizing Facebook ads through split testing features, you get access to the following variables:-

  • Creative
  • Target audience
  • Delivery optimization
  • Placements

A split testing feature lets you to run a campaign with two, three, four or five ad sets so that you can see what works best among these different versions and can use this data to improve campaigns accordingly. For example, you can test the same ad on two different audiences to see which ad performs better or test two delivery optimizations to determine which selection yields better results.


  1. Creative

While creating any new campaign, it’s better to optimize which creative is well optimized or getting better results. Testing ads with different ad creatives help us understand which images, videos, text, call-to-action (CTA) or headlines are compelling your audience to engage and which ones are helping you achieve your business goals.

More compelling creative assets can also help your ads stand out amongst your competitors.

To get started with the creative variable, create a split test and select Creative as your desired variable. Here you can choose a number of creatures that you want to make. You will then be able to create between 2 to 5 different versions of your ad.


  1. Targeted Audiences

Approximately two billion people are using Facebook every month. With the help of audience selection tools, you can target the right people for your business. You can also connect to the segmented audience on the basis of their behaviour using all the information you have about them such as interests, demographics etc.

Testing different audiences helps you understand more about the ideal audience for your ads.


Example tests to run:

Women, Age 21-30 vs. Women, Age 31-40 vs. Women, Age 41-50

People living in Delhi vs. people living in Gurugram vs. people living in Faridabad

You can also add a custom audience for people who have recently visited your website vs. people who are interested in your products.


  1. Delivery selections

In most cases, Facebook recommends running ads across various apps and services provided by Facebook. This gives the delivery system more flexibility to get you more and better results.

Performance of your ads always depends on your delivery selections. For example, your ad may perform better if you optimize your landing page views over link clicks.

Example tests to run:

Optimize for conversions vs. optimize for link clicks

Optimize for landing page vs. versus optimize for link clicks vs. optimize for impressions

Optimize for conversions with a conversion window of 1 day vs. optimize for conversions for a conversion window of 7 days

  1. Placements

Placement plays an important role in advertising to get maximum reach on your ads. Some ads lose their visibility due to ad placements. When you create an ad, Facebook asks you where you want it to appear beyond Facebook; on Instagram, Audience Network or Messenger.

Not all placements are available with all objectives. Given below is an Ad Placement chart for your reference.


Facebook always recommends Automatic placements, where you can optimize ad delivery across various placement options. Suppose if one ad’s placement performs better, you can separately allocate the budget to get more reach.

In addition, you can run a split test with different placements across platforms and devices.

Example tests to run:

Mobile placements vs. desktop placements

Automatic placements vs. customized placements



In a nutshell, it is better to optimize your Facebook ads with the Split Testing feature. If you really want to get the most out of your budget, you need to optimize your ads and campaign settings in the best way possible.

Facebook’s new split testing feature makes it easy to learn about how different audiences, placements, and delivery settings affect your ad performance. At the end, you will be able to achieve all your marketing goals within your budget.

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