Islamic art wall hangings

Do you want to buy Islamic wall art? Have you been thinking of doing up your home or office with beautiful Islamic art wall hangings? In the dynamic arena of home décor, spiritual or religious art is an important category. Among spiritual art, Islamic wall art is perhaps one of the most popular. In the online global market, you can find many types of Islamic art wall hangings for sale– from wall stickers, colorful giclee prints and downloadable digital posters to stainless steel frames and wooden artworks.

Islamic wall art isn’t a new trend. In fact, dates back to the 7th century, not long after the advent of Islam in the Arabian peninsula. As Islam forbade human or animal drawings, there had to be a novel expression of art, one that was within the bounds of the new religion.

In fact, Islamic calligraphy is not just bound by Islam, but inspired by it too. Thus started the tradition of Islamic calligraphy – the art of transcribing the ayahs of the Quran in stylish, artistic fonts. The Arabic script, with its dots, dashes, loops, curves, diacritical marks, and symbols representing vowel sounds, make it perfectly suitable to the art of calligraphic writing.

As time passed on, Muslims started ruling varied parts of the world, and alongside, the art of Islamic calligraphy also developed into regional styles– from the Kufic font that originated in Iraq and the Diwani style that developed in Turkey to the Nastaliq script which thrived in Iran and the Tughra or figurative writing that flourished in parts of northern India.

At a time when Muslim rulers governed Spain in the west and India to the east, Islamic calligraphy thrived in the royal courts. The art was used to decorate the walls of the Taj Mahal, to cite an example, whereas the Ottoman sultans used calligraphy on the walls of mosques in Turkey. Besides being used as Islamic wall art, Islamic calligraphy was also used to enhance the beauty of handicrafts such as pottery, marble work, and carpets.

Down the ages, Islamic art wall hangings became more available to all, and ordinary folk too started adorning their walls with black cloth on which the calligraphy would be stitched in golden thread, or Middle Eastern wall carpets with calligraphy diligently stitched in.

As of now, new kinds of Islamic art are coming up, with the use of modern materials and digital technologies.

Modern Islamic wall art combines new materials and technology with traditional Islamic calligraphy. Now, different types of Arabic fonts can be downloaded and used to write text stylishly. If you are searching for handwritten calligraphy, even those, with the application of technology, can be digitized, colored, enhanced, resized and then printed on new mediums such as canvas or leather.

The wealthy and the royal who used to compensate artists for works have now made way for tech-savvy users who ask artists to make custom-made artwork for them. Islamic art wall hangings decorate not only your residences, workplaces or restaurants but can also be given as a gift to a loved one on special occasions. What can be a better gift than a reminder from the Quran? Indeed, if you want to buy Islamic wall art, you would be happy to see many new ideas on the Internet.

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