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Marketing Strategies to Make Your Startup Financially Sustainable

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While it is true that, today, it is easier than ever to create your own startup, in fact, keeping the establishment afloat and generating revenue is perhaps, on the other hand, more difficult than ever. In addition, even if you’re on the right path, it takes some time before your startup can become financially sustainable: it is usually said that it may take from six months to even two years! In order to make this process faster, you’re going to need all the help you can possibly get from your marketing efforts. Here are some of the strategies that will aid your startup in becoming financially sustainable!

Make sure you’re visible online…

Arguably two of the most effective marketing methods today are content marketing and social media marketing. These don’t require huge investments, which is good news for you. However, they do require knowledge and understanding of how social media platforms work. You might be able to handle these campaigns in-house, but you can also outsource some of these tasks to be sure you are always putting out quality content. After all, only quality content will bring you the desired result. Make sure to always monitor the performance of your online campaigns in order to have a clear view of their ROI.

… As well as offline

Offline marketing is still going strong, so make sure you boost your offline visibility as well. Here, of course, you can turn to traditional billboard advertising, but your budget might not allow it. Traditional methods such as small items (pens, USB drives, etc.) with your logo and contact information printed on them have been a very effective marketing technique in the pre-technological era, but their importance should not be neglected today either. Moreover, make sure you participate in trade shows and similar events as often as you can as you can score some valuable connections and introduce your startup to a different kind of audience there. You’re going to need some reliable poster stands for this purpose, a wide variety of which you can easily find at Display Me. The best thing about these is that they are reusable, so it’s basically a one-time investment that keeps giving back.

Brand marketing is the way to go

You should focus on creating a brand from the very start. That way, you can tailor each of your marketing efforts to reflect your brand and little by little, create a loyal customer base. To many of today’s customers, your brand values will be a more relevant factor than your prices, and if they can relate to your startup on a personal level, in time, they might turn into brand ambassadors themselves and advertise your startup completely free. This is a long and continuous process and it needs to constantly be worked on to give results in the long term, so you should start it yesterday.

Have a unique proposition

At this point, it would be irrational to expect that anyone can come up with something no one else has thought of before. This means that no matter what your business does, you are certain to have competition. Now, to differentiate yourself from them, you might lower your prices – however, this will only slow down your business on its way to sustainability. On the other hand, building your marketing around a unique selling point will allow you to stand out from the crowd without raising your overhead. Just figure out what it is that you’re doing differently from the others: is your product more eco-friendly? Or does it have a unique feature? Think about this.

Influencers to boost your reputation

In certain niches, it is becoming clear that influencer marketing is a worthy rival to celebrity marketing. This is good news for you since you won’t have to pay stellar amounts while still reaping amazing benefits. If chosen well, influencers can be more effective than ads, as the people who follow them trust their recommendations more than faceless descriptions. However, make sure not to be pushy. Some influencers are popular because of their honest reviews, so if your product is not ready for that, a bad move can do you more harm than good.

Marketing is not a simple task, and it can certainly be a costly one too. However, there are always low-cost strategies such as those mentioned above which you can and should implement in order to generate revenue. Make sure you do an ample amount of research and analysis and constantly monitor the ROI of your efforts, and you’ll be fine.

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