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Make Your Home Décor Stand Out with Geode Furniture

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Geode rocks have gained a lot of recognition of late. They form within volcanic rocks or naturally in the soil. It is made when the minerals harden in one place and over time create a mass. As it comes in assorted colors and shapes, it is the perfect rock for making home accessories and furniture. Most rocks are irregular in shape while there are others that are oval, have a round top, flat bottom, circle, and convex shape.

Truly Unique

The minerals which form in geode rocks come in different colors. These include amethyst, agate, citrine, barite, calcite, crystals, quartz and gypsum. Accessory pieces and furniture created from geode rocks are truly unique and are sure to grab anyone’s attention who visits your house. No wonder it is growing in popularity the world over. To make the utmost of such home décor, you require the following design principles which will undoubtedly make it stand out. For best quality, Geode Furniture visits Michal and Company.

Tips to Consider

  • Make a Focal Point- Keep this point in mind so that whenever a person visits your sweet home his/her eyes will gravitate towards it naturally. It is vital that anything which you place surrounding this focal point must complement it. The best step will be to place a big piece of geode furniture at the center where you want the focal point to be. Based on its shade, you can put contemporary accessory pieces in the same shade around the room. It can be candles, vases or other accessories.
  • Try Odd Numbers- Here the rule is to go with odd numbers because when objects are grouped or arranged in odd numbers, it will be highly appealing, memorable and effective compared to even numbers. It indicates that in the case of tiny geode accessory pieces clustering then in an odd number will help to offer that heightened effect. When you place them at a coffee table, it will surely make an excellent conversation piece. Working with different heights, shapes, and textures will be a good idea but at the same time ensure that there is some form of similarity among the clustered things.
  • Avoid Clutter- If the room is cluttered there will be higher chances of your geode furniture or accessory getting lost. Make sure that space is clean and open and make the maximum utilization of clear spaces. After all, when there is a clear space, it will enable you to make your room get noticed and stand out.
  • Check the Shapes- Because most geode furniture and décor pieces are available in odd shapes, taking into consideration the shapes of the furniture present in the room matters. In case of a big space using a coffee table that has a curved edge will help to soften the sofa’s angular shape. On the contrary in case of small space things will be different.

The bottom line is using geode accessories, and furniture will provide your home décor that looks of opulence which nothing else can.

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