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Latest trends in Silver Jewelry

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Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. Silver metal is used in many billion coins, sometimes alongside gold: while it is more abundant than gold, it is much less abundant as a native metal. Its purity is typically measured on a per-mile basis; a 94%- pure alloy is described as “0.940 fine”.

Silver is a wonderful choice when it comes to selecting fine jewelry because it has stood the test of time and will continue to hold its value and popularity. Silver jewelry is the most popular among the segment of jewelry across the globe.  The wide collection of gold jewellery is attractive but silvers are great.

As the season change, we tend to get tired of the older pieces we’ve been wearing out. New, statement-making jewelry is the perfect way to breathe some new life into your look- from big, bold earrings to layered necklace and, perhaps most surprisingly, the return of the brooch. At the dawn of the New Year, the fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan, present new collections of silver jewelry and the designers try to find new ideas for new bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.


  1. A DAINTY SILVER JEWELRY NECKLACE:One of the most popular and timeless ways to wear silver jewelry is in the form of a dainty necklace.  Wearing a simple silver chain around the neck with an object that has particular beauty or significance can dress up any outfit, yet remains simple enough for any day to day activities. There is a wide variety of gold chain design available online.
  2. SILVER AND SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS:There is nothing like the combination of silver crystal. Silver jewelry often has crystals incorporated in for the way these two items give off an incredible glimmer and shine. The sparkly cut of Swarovski Crystals combined with the super shiny polished finish of most silver creates a bedazzling look that women come back to again and again.
  3. WEDDING RINGS:The debate rages on between opting for a gold or silver wedding ring. The silver trend to be more of a modern choice when it comes to rings, while gold is the traditional choice for generations of men and women. The crisp, shiny metal looks fresh and fun on all skin types, especially darker tones, and the timeless allure ensures this look will always be a popular wedding ring choice.
  4. WITH PEARLS :Like crystal, pearls are another precious stone that goes fabulously with silver. Pearls and silver reflect off each other to create a polished and upscale look that can immediately elevate an outfit. It’s amazing how silver jewelry and pearls can take so many different vibes and styles. The combination can be tropical or icy, sophisticated or laid back.
  5. SILVER BRACELET:A nice silver bracelet is another popular silver jewelry option. It is chunky and bulky or very simple and thin. They can be carved into beautiful designs or simply worn as a delicate accessory. Many young girls are gifted as a silver tennis bracelet on their sixteenth or eighteenth birthday. Silver bracelet stands out for how simple, beautiful nans classic they are, all while maintaining a very sophisticated air of quality.
  6. HOOP EARRINGS:Silver hoop earrings are a popular choice for work attire and social obligations alike. They are simple but speak volumes about your classy personal style.  Women can invest in a  pair of silver hoop earrings for a piece of jewelry and can wear again and again, on all kinds of different occasions.
  7. LOCKETS :Lockets are another popular way to wear silver jewelry. They can be purchased on your own to honor a special someone or something, but they are most often given as a gift to protect the memory of love between two people. It’s also common to see mothers and grandmothers have a silver locket containing photos of their children.

Time goes by and the trends and the tastes with it, women seek a new style of jewelry. The designers know it very well and the silver jewelry is always present in fashion.

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