Are the trees in your yard or on the street slowly staking territory on the part of your property? Is your property at risk of mold growth on the sides? When heavy branches from a tree hang over your house, porch or yard, you are essentially putting yourself and your family in danger! There is always the possibility of loss of limbs or other severe injuries due to the breaking of the hanging branches. Similarly, damaged and dead trees are a health hazard during a storm or heavy showers.

Tree removal is a professional job, and you should always leave that to the arborists. Have you checked the services on offer at your local Houston tree removal company?

In the following article, we have listed a few pointers you need to keep in mind before hiring a tree removal service. For all your cutting and pruning requirements, read on!

License and credentials

Operating a tree removal service without proper licensing is illegal. A firm can only apply for a license and get approval if all the employees have propeare training in tree removal and pruning technicalities and logistics. Ensure the credentials and license of a tree removal service to lower the risks of property and personnel damage during the removal work at your property.


Ideally, you should employ a tree removal service that has adequate insurance coverage both for liabilities and damages as well as worker’s compensation. The liability insurance covers the damage if any to your property and possessions in case something goes awry. Worker’s compensation provides protection to you and the employees of the company if there are injuries while working and guarantees protection against any follow-up lawsuit.

Referrals and reviews

Invest time to look through various tree removal services online. Read up on the user reviews but do take them with a pinch of salt. Usually, a higher rating always works in favor of the company and can be used as a marker about the professionalism of the service. Additionally, you can contact previous employers of the tree removal service for referrals and recommendations.

Estimate and charges

It’s a great idea to ask about the costs of the service. You need to shop around to get the best deal when going for a tree removal service. Don’t get fooled by shady duplicitous practices that are out to make money while offering less than adequate service quality. Always make sure there are no hidden costs and always get the estimate in writing as a proof of the negotiations.

The charges vary according to the company and the equipment they use. If there are tall trees in over-populated areas access to a crane is essential. Similarly, for services like stump grinding, there might be extra charges. So make sure you know about all the services offered by your tree removal company and the estimate for the work at your property.

Employee training

You should also inquire about the training and the experience of the employees of your tree removal service. The more the experience and training the better is the service.

Make sure to go over all the pointers mentioned above before making a choice!

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