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It is hard to undermine the good effects of smart drugs that canturn you into a high achiever

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It is in human nature that we can never be happy with what we possess and always try to enhance it. This has been the case for thousands of years as people have been attempting to increase their mental powers and stamina by using natural products like leaves, roots, and fruits in the older days or as doing it now with the help of smart drugs or nootropics. The search for substances for enhancing mental abilities is still on, and the market is full of a variety of smart drugs which in most cases was meant for some other purpose. Most smart drugs were born in laboratories while trying to treat the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s, strokes, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, and dementias arising from Parkinson’s disease. Incidentally, these drugs have magical effects on the brain that makes people mentally smarter and more agile.

Living has become very competitive, and each one of us is trying to outsmart others, especially rivals, by gaining some competitive advantage, and it could include fellow students and colleagues. The use of such drugs was prevalent among sportsmen, but now people from all walks of life are using it. From students to doctors and from professional managers to pilots, musicians, dancers and every other person who wants to get an edge in the competition are relying on smart drugs. People are now using performance-enhancing drugs for everyday tasks ranging from giving presentations, writing examinations and conducting some negotiations observes Simon Manning at BestNootropicsNow.com.

Cognitive enhancers

Antidepressants and beta blockers used to treat anxiety or heart conditions are also kinds of smart drugs due to its abilities in cognitive enhancement that can boost mood and energy helping to survive with less sleep but performing better.

Modafinil and Ritalin are the most well known smart drugs that have in use for a long time and remain the best bet for many who want to boost their mental abilities and become workhorses. Interestingly, the former is a prescription drug for the treatment of sleep disorders and the latter comprising of methylphenidate is a drug for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These drugs when used on healthy people help to increase their focus and attention and keep them awake without ever feeling sleepy.

Today, there are many more smart drugs available that you can use for enhancing memory, improve concentration and the ability to study and even to overcome anxiety.

Reasons for popularity

As the competition is growing, it is not just enough to earn the top spot, but the hard fight begins when you want to retain it. That is a reason why professionals are more inclined to using smart drugs as it gives them the confidence to maintain the competitive edge that keeps them at the top of the game always.  To maintain the pace and spirit of performing at high levels people are falling back on smart drugs that can make them appear like superhumans which reflect in their performance.

Users confess that smart drugs like Adderall lend clarity to their thoughts and improve concentration that gives them an edge in multitasking, which has become the order of the day. That leaves little to doubt that the drugs enhance productivity.

Drugs are a fad among students

The student community is highly reliant on smart drugs and University campuses are the best places to experiment with it. About 7% of US students admit that they have taken drugs for non-medical reasons at least once and a much higher number uses it regularly. Especially in elite and private schools, almost 25% of students use nonmedical drugs for improving performance.

As the competition gets intense, students have realized that the benchmark for the proper performance of yesteryears is no more of any use to do well in life and they have to perform much higher.  Performing exceedingly well is the target of students for which it is necessary to study almost round the clock and grasp quickly as much knowledge as possible. It has led to the rampant use of smart drugs that enhance attention and memory besides aiding to work without sleep.

Wide use beyond the campuses

Pilots on critical mission use smart drugs to stimulate their cognitive abilities and make them more alert thereby helping to take instant decisions. It is common to see professional executives using beta blockers that soothe nerves and help to maintain calm. Writers who want to deliver more volume and meet hard deadlines have to keep writing by staying awake for long hours and use Modafinil that drive away sleep without making them feel fatigue.

As cognitive enhancement improves individual performance, its impact on the society is also quite significant. Today, we see many more high performers around us who contribute much more to the community. People with much more flexible and dynamic brains are making all the difference in human advancement for better living.

Smart drugs for the military too

The State looks upon soldiers as instruments of warfare but is the weakest among all because they have to eat and sleep. To make the most of their abilities, it would be ideal if they could do away with the time spend on eating and sleeping which are their weaknesses. The US military spends $100 annually to find out ways of reducing sleep among its personnel while remaining mentally sharp and agile. Studies have shown that people using Modafinil can stay awake for 90 hours without any signs of fatigue and any adverse effect on their mental agility.

Scientists too rely on smart drugs

The power of smart drugs to enhance memory comes to good use for scientists as they can grasp and remember more information. The increased smartness of the brain makes them more creative and expands their work area thereby increasing the chances of faster and better discoveries in whatever fields they are working.

As long as smart drugs which aid in enhancing intelligence do not prove counterproductive by affecting people’s health and drive them towards addiction, there is every reason to try it out for improved performance.

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