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Influence of Digital Marketing on Indian Politics

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Influence of Digital Marketing on Indian Politics is tremendously increasing day by day. Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels which include websites, search engines, social media, email and mobile apps. As the world is becoming more tech-savvy so are the strategies and campaigns of the politicians. In today’s era of mounting social media usage, Digital Marketing provides an impeccable platform for political parties to interrelate with their viewers. Digital media acts as a bridge that connects political parties with their voter’s .Along with growing interaction it also helps the politicians and political parties in executing their strategies and promoting their agendas and future plans. In a way we can say that both politics and Digital Marketing focus on the same thing i.e., persuade people to do something. In the case of politics the audience is convinced to vote and in Digital Marketing the audience is convinced to buy a product. Digital Marketing is taking over traditional marketing in almost every kind and the same trend is also accepted in political campaigns.

The political parties are spending augmented amount of resources and time on Digital Marketing. The increasing practice of digital media highlights its effective role in persuading voters and their behavior. Social networks are a great platform for promoting political parties. They use social media for campaigns, crafting their own websites and showcasing their contribution to the society as a whole, spreading their slogans, logos and future plans to grab the attention of the voters . Influence of Digital Marketing is reflected in the election results where the better marketer wins over the better candidate. India has the second highest number of internet users in the world after China. Today’s youth, whether urban or rural are spending their maximum time online and with the increasing use of internet and mobiles, social media strategy becomes an essential part of a political campaign that is widely used by most politicians to get the engagement of potential voters. As per the study ,65% of India’s population is below 35 years and therefore social media helps the politicians to seek the attention of youth which helps them to obtain maximum number of votes. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most active members on social media among all. Politicians keep updating latest happenings and their future plans and stay in touch with their fans and followers. 2014 Lok Sabha elections marks the influence of Digital Marketing on a higher level. BJP had a very high popularity and a reach to the general public using social media as compared to any other parties. the elections saw the rise of brand Modi who was greatly assisted by the Digital Marketing campaigns that were designed much before the elections.Social media teams of BJP posted content on channels such as Facebook , Instagram and Twitter which influenced people’s perception of Narendra Modi and BJP. Channels such as Whatsapp and Youtube were used to spread the message which was heart of the campaign ,” Abki baar Modi Sarkar “.This line became extremely popular and was shared on social media

Narendra Modi has the highest number of followers on twitter and Facebook. Aam Aadmi Party or AAP which is a newly formed political party has quite high popularity as compared to two old major parties -Congress and BJP. Election 2019 will be intense, the high-stakes tussle for power and the parties will be contesting in both the virtual and the real world .In 2014  BJP achieved victory with the help of Digital Marketing which made other parties learn the importance of Digital Marketing and social media. ‘Social media warriors’ are fully geared for 2019 elections . Thousands of volunteers are being trained in data analytics and communication through digital platforms to combat the ruling party’s formidable cyber army. Digital Marketing will help the parties to reach crores of citizens and provide them maximum number of voters. 2019 Elections are going to be more digital technologically savvy ,more fought on social media, TV channels and through print media rather than personal contacts and rallies oriented .Since the Digital Marketing of election campaigns and winning of 2014 elections have already proved to be of immense influence and have paid the dividends and the candidates in the fray and the political parties which took the help and strategies of Digital Marketing came out with flying colours with thumping majority.Hence, political parties will certainly adopt Digital Marketing in 2019 elections as well. The coming elections will mark the optimum use of Digital Marketing till now and will decide the fate of many politicians.

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