The e-commerce industry is flourishing by each and every passing hour; this is the industry where one can meet other big daddies who are successfully running their venture and has to compete with them along with saved assets. Where many small or big ventures are funded, some are lucky enough to enrich their level through bootstrapping strategy. And there are many who have failed or failing to make any remark in the same industry, some are doing really impactful job among the users.

IndiaRush is one of the e-commerce platforms who has survived the core hardship and still managing to be the love of many consumers in India. The brand has been providing quality women ethnic clothes to all fashion enthusiasts under a remarkable price range, unbeatable offers and deals on deals. The company has itself in the year of 2012, April. Since its inception with a complete plan of bootstrapping strategy, the company has never seen back and has increased its manpower and quality of team work and management. Today we will have a deep insight on the brand, growth, marketing tools and other strategies.

The Introduction

IndiaRush claims to be one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India. Running successfully from 2012, this online fashion products platform has a major part of audience database, sale growth, Pr listing, and affiliate marketing impacts, sellers and publishers relationships while maintaining a sound symbiotic relationship with the customers as well.

In 2017, IndiaRush has shown more than 2K publishers associated with it. The brand is also providing spacing for many other national fashion brands to showcase their products for sale online. The planning for their target audience which middle class, they have set a mid-price range to magnetise that group. The company’s website works on the dynamic platform in which the discount and sale ads and banners change every day. They focus on designer lehengas and sarees and Bollywood style apparels.

The ultimate aim of IndiaRush is to build a healthy relationship with the customers by providing high-quality trendy products which will come under your range.

Achievements & Accolades Gained In Such A Short Span:

  • Has launched first online digital magazine – EDITS
  • Has launched social platform for the users where they can post their pic, like and comment as well
  • Sign Up or refer the site to any of your friends and earn money
  • Separate fashion blog platform
  • Lightest Android mobile app
  • Own a private label- Inddori which earns 20% of the total sale

 Pros For The Customers:

Customers can explore a wide range of more than 50K styles with 10K brands. Enriched with amazing designs, styles and patterns, customers can also find vivacious types of dresses, suits and sarees on their platform. How do they allure customers and compete with other e-commerce tycoons? Well, they offer a 30 days sale platform on their website where the customers can get mega discounted products with extra deals. They will be given separate cart where they can save their products and can buy later when the price will drop. If you have missed any of their hot deals, you will get it on their notification bar and can purchase accordingly. The company maintains a high level of transparency where the customer is given full detail of the product with a video showcasing as well.

Cons That One Can Face:

IndiaRush is boasting more than 65K orders per month and due to such huge load, the customer care team is facing huge contact issues.

Applying Bootstrapping Strategy & Making It A Success


Since 2012, the company is standing on the technique of bootstrapping and hasn’t taken any fund from anywhere. Well, this so called bold step has called risk at times in past but the largest inbuild marketing and sourcing team of IndiaRush has managed to smoothen up things in no time.

Raised by two co-founders, Rahi Jain and Arti Sharma, the company has never attempted to call for outsourcing agencies in a belief of in-core skill set.

Rahi said, ‘we focussed more on ROI driven strategies where in the past we didn’t take profit as our prime goal. The second remark was our courage of ignorance as Arti has her skill set in logistics and MIS and I am an IT person with more love for binary things, we managed to give our people a freedom of playing their skill sets. Now the point is we can’t let it go loose, so, we hired experienced professionals who know how to win the queen in the already established market.’

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