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Importance of Mass SMS Service For Schools

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Text messages have a very significant role in the educational sector. Such service helps teachers and other staff to stay connected with the students and their parents. This service comes handy during an emergency situation in the schools, colleges or universities.

Mass text messaging for schools is very useful while relaying reminders about different educational events, cancellations, closings, and updates. Gone is the golden time when one had to depend on flyers, brochures, pamphlets, emails or phone calls for sending mass alerts to the parents of the students. Hundreds of high schools, colleges and other universities across the world are using various kinds of texting services for relaying informative notifications.

From including reminders, emergency alerts, cancellations along with closings, bulk SMS service for educational institutions is now considered as the best and most convenient way for communicating with hundreds of students at a mere click of single button.

How can educational institutes use mass text messaging in streamlining external and internal communication?

SMS services, at present, are considered to be very useful yet underutilized tool for having communication with teachers, parents, and students. As there have been regulations and mandates that have to be sent to the parents of the students who remain absent and be notified regarding any registration or similar alerts, these services are gaining immense popularity since then. SMS alerts are considered as a very cost-effective means of communication.

How do bulk message work for educational institutions?


The first thing that educational institutes need to do is to choose a unique keyword which represents the respective educational institution. The individuals or parties who are interested will happen to text this specific keyword to a 5 to 6 digit short code for gaining access to the communications list.


Such type of automated message confirms the subscription list. An auto-reply is forwarded to the new joiner’s right after they type your keyword to the targeted shortcode. This reply is to let the new joinee be aware of the fact that he or she is now connected and included in the communication list of the educational institute.


The prime objective of messaging by educational institutions is to make the general public associated with the institution informed about important and related aspects. You can include information and updates about different upcoming events and many more. Text messaging assists in establishing communication with the student body efficiently and quickly.

However, excessive texting to students or their parents in a week may prove to build an inappreciable image. Hence, this approach should not be overused; rather, the focus should be on delivering precise and highly relevant information. The speed of bulk SMS services can help any student or parents during an emergency scenario in school.

The fast deliverability of text messaging can easily save many lives too. Students can also be provided with an important direction in case there is any life-threatening situation. Institutions can keep everyone informed and safe with the extensive use of the mass texting services.

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