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How to use Parental Control on Alexa

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Parental control

Alexa is the Amazon smart virtual assistant which was first introduced in Amazon Echo which did a great job by Amazon. Then this assistant is seen in Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker which give you the benefit of someone to talk. This assistant works on Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Fire HD, iOS, Android and Cortana. Alexa has enabled the parental control in it and now it has been using with safety in every family. Some of the Alexa users do not know that what Parental control is?

Just to elaborate your knowledge Parental control is the service available in the computer, digital TV service, mobile device, software, and video games. This helps the parents to restrict on their children, so the child will not abuse the technology gadgets around it.  This might be substance they esteem unseemly for their age, development level or feel will be pointed all the more at a mature person group of onlookers.

There are four categories under parental controls fall.

1# Substance filters: which breaking point get will age-inappropriate substance.

2# Use controls: which compel those use from claiming these units for example, such that putting time-limits once usage, it is the denying specific sorts from claiming use.

3# monitoring: This might track area or action when utilizing the gadgets.

4# Computer utilization oversaw economy tools: which enforces the utilization of pure programming.

How to Set Up Alexa Parental Control and FreeTime in Useful Way

Now you can use the Parental controls and Freetime on your Amazon echo device which can enable by Parent Dashboard access. Here are the steps on How to setup Alexa Echo for Parental Control.

  • First, need to Sign-up FreeTime to get the full access.

Two tiers are available for FreeTime

  • FreeTime Unlimited (Paid): The basic offer is that you get free for a whole year with the purchase of Echo Dot for kids. It gives you the authority to blocks the adult elements content such as offensive/obscene music or something like this for the Amazon music. It also allows controlling on the selected part which is ethical for a kid such as Movies, iHeartRadio ads free station, Audible audio Books, TV shows, alarms, character-based skills, and apps.


  • Amazon FreeTime (freebie): The basic offers of Freebie on Parental Control are that guardians or parents can enable to block off features, for example adding items to shopping lists.

Cost of Paid Freetime Unlimited:

  • Cost of Single Child – $2.99 per month.
  • Cost of 2 to 4 Child – $6.99 per month.

Parent Dashboard on behalf of Alexa Parental Control has already spread its roots in the US and now you can get this smart service in the UK as well. The availability of FreeTime is in Germany, the UK, and the US.


Parent Dashboard Share Content with Alexa Device (Set-up Controls)

If you don’t know how to setup Dashboard Parental Control the follow the steps which will help you to monitor on your kids while watching the contents with time duration. This feature you can operate from anywhere in the world with the help of an app on your smart device or you can log in to the parents.amazon.com and activate it.

Step #1. Select the Alexa Device from the menu of Alexa App.

Step #2. Now choose your Alexa Device

Step #3. If you had already in rolled out then it will show the FreeTime, select it and then Parent Dashboard.

Your Controls with the Parent Dashboard is set up. Enjoy full control.

Enable Parental Controls on Alexa Freetime For Smart Device

Now you can easily operate your Parental Controls from your smart device (Android or iOS) at Alexa to get control on Freetime for your kid.

Step #1.If you’re Android or iOS device open the app “Alexa

Step #2. Now expends the left menu you need to tab the hamburger button at the top left and then select the Alexa device.

Step #3. Now you see the list of the devices on the screen select one of them.

Step #4. Under the general, you see the Freetime by scrolling down.

Step #5.Toggle the Freetime to the right by tap.

Step #7. Now feed the information and then enters it. (Child first name, Gender, date of birth)

Step #8.Select Add child by choosing an icon.

Step #9.Tap Continue, then enter your Amazon password and tap Sign in. It may also ask you to confirm it’s you through two-factor authentication.

Step #10. Now turn of the Freetime when your Parental Control enabled. Toggle next to FaceTime at this menu to disable Facetime.

Enjoy!! Your Parental Control on Alexa

Forget My Parental Controls Password

If you forget your password then follow the steps to reset your password.

Step #1. First of all, you need to enter the password five times incorrectly.

Step #2.When you do that you got the link in orange which says reset your password for Parental Control.

Step #3. Here you need to enter your Amazon password which you used to sign-in the account and same in register your device.

Step #4. Now you will pop up to the next page where the instruction will be given to enter a new password for the Parental Controls, enter the password.

Step #5.Now in this step, it says you have successfully reset your password and continue with the account, enjoy your Parental Controls.

Amazon Prime Has Parental Controls

You can easily set the Parental Controls on Amazon Prime, so the kid will see which is good at his/her age. Follow the steps carefully for successful setup.

#1. For the Amazon Fire TV, turn on Parental control

#2. From the Fire, TV menu select the setting button.

#3. Now open preferences.

#4. Now turn on the parental control, use the remote and press “select” button.

#5. If promoted enter or set your PIN.

Enjoy Amazon Prime Parental controls.

We hope that you like this article and if any question regarding this topic contacts us and if any personal experience regarding Alexa on Parental control comment us and share it.

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