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How to Re-Paint Your Old Conservatory Windows Blinds – DIY

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Conservatories are functional and useful for people in many parts of the world like the UK. Most of the UK is known around the world for how houses make use of their back garden space as conservatories. The one thing common in almost all conservatories is that they are practically completely made out of glass with windows and doors. Made to measure Cheap blinds specially made for conservatories are used on their windows and doors making them usable for many purposes like a guest room, a sun room, a separated study or work room and also a home gym blocking sunlight or providing it as preferred also enabling privacy.

However, conservatory blinds because of their extended exposure to the sun and its harsh rays, can lose their surface paint rather soon. The inner materials provided the right ones are chosen can stay in good condition while de coloring is all over their surfaces. This doesn’t mean that you should just replace them straight out. If you are handy with the paint brush and don’t mind a few hours of extra work on the weekend, you can easily apply a high quality paint on your cheap Conservatory Blinds making them look and feel good as new all over again. Follow our guide to paint your blinds perfectly:

Step 1 – Paints:

The first step of painting your conservatory blinds is always selecting the right paints. These applies to their color, lasting characteristics and also smooth surface touch. Going for colors and finish that matches with the rest of your conservatory designs is always the best option. Choose glossy, matte, wood grainy or regular finish depending on your personal preferences.

Step 2 – Dismantling:

Before you think us crazy, consider what we are saying. Dismantling gently will open each strip of your conservatory blinds up making it much easier to reach corners and points where you otherwise would not. Place all the strips down on a flat surface and move to the next step.

Step 3 – Sandpaper:

Applying the sandpaper on the surfaces you desire to re-paint is always a necessary action. Apply thin grade sandpaper for the first layer and then move to the thicker more brutal one scraping all the previous paint and its remnants away from your blinds surfaces.

Step 4 – Brush It:

Having cleared all the strips perfectly, it’s time to get the brush in your hands. You can go with the spray paint option as well if you had metallic blinds but in all other cases, paint brush settles the best paint in a more solid long lasting way. Make sure to cover all sides, edges and corners with equal amounts of paint and check for smoothness of the surface closely with all the strips.

Step 5 – Dry It Up:

Let the re-painted strips of your conservatory blinds dry up at a dry place. For the first couple of hours, its best to leave them in direct sunlight for the paint to settle in the warmth as well but don’t leave them in the sun for too long.

Step 6 – Putting It On:

Before you can put your blinds back on the windows and doors, you must first run all the cords and strings through each hole or cutout where they were removed from. Check for functionality by holding up the top strip gently with your fingers and pulling the cords or strings to fold them and rest them on the windows. Once everything looks good, put them back on the windows and doors.

Although you can get cheap window blinds from quality suppliers in the UK, yet why make spend more when you can repaint them for much cheaper costs. Follow each step of this guide and enjoy your new paint for a long time with a fresh new look.

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