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How to Promote Clothing Line on Instagram?

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Instagram is a photo-based social networking platform and helps to promote businesses belonging to different streams. If you are a business owner you can make the most of Instagram to enhance it and gain more customers. Most of the people may doubt that every day a new social networking platform will be introduced and how Instagram is special among them? Generally, customers get attracted to the things they see and tend to buy the ones they feel more lucrative.

The social networking platform based on the pictures, Instagram, which has more than 800 million regular followers is very much helpful for enhancing the business, especially the fashionable businesses like clothing. You can add a call to action button to your posts on Instagram and appeal the customers to follow your website and purchase the products. Most of the customers have enough patience to see all the descriptions about the clothes but they just decide about the purchase after seeing the images of the products. Studies show that 70 percent of customers use mobile phones to access the Instagram and hence there will be the probability of growth of at least 20 percent in your business by promoting it through Instagram.

Ways to Promote Clothing Line on Instagram

Generally, any business can be promoted using Instagram on a fabulous level if you can create an appealing profile for your business website. If you can get real Instagram likes, your progress will be faster at an incredible level. Instagram is useful for the users to check for the images of your product without navigating to your website or visiting your store.

Create a Fantastic profile

Create an eye-catching profile for your brand with high-quality images and if possible, your company logo. In addition, add your company logo and CTAs. Take care that your profile, the images of the clothes, and CTAs are lucrative enough to retain more loyal customers.

Use of hashtags

Hashtags can be used along with your posts to enhance the customer engagement on your bio. Twitter has restrictions about the number of characters in a hashtag but Instagram allows 30 hashtags for a post. However, 10-15 hashtags are an ideal count to promote your business. However, only relevant hashtags are helpful to promote your clothing business in a positive manner.

Connect to your followers

Connecting with your followers is a good idea to help your business. You can connect with your genuine customers to enhance your business through the call to action buttons. You can make use of the direct messaging facility to contact your customers on Instagram. You can also buy real Instagram likes. However, pictures are a powerful medium and can provide a platform for virtual marketing.

Connect with other social networking platforms

You can connect with other social networking platforms like Facebook through your Instagram account. This is helpful to retain more customers since users of other social media websites like Facebook can also see your Instagram profile and your brand and make a decision about the purchase.


Instagram became a powerful social media application since this is a platform based on pictures and there are over 800 million active users on this platform. You can create an attractive profile for your brand, display the pictures on it, and contact the followers to enhance your brand value and retain more customers through Instagram.

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