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How to Invest and Optimize Your PPC Campaigns For More Conversions

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Marketing is the backbone of every business. However, marketing in the digital world is increasingly becoming complex and every rupee spent needs to be accounted for. It is difficult to analyse and take a decision on which marketing channel one needs to follow in this digital world.

We are always looking for the right digital marketing agency to trust with our business; an agency that truly understands the business and the niche market. It needs to be noted that though every agency may focus on increasing website traffic if no value is added, traffic is insignificant.

During the initial stage of any business, one needs to bring more relevant traffic to a website which can be done with the help of Search Engine Optimization. To get accurate, precise and instant traffic, one generally uses Google’s Pay Per Click or PPC.

Is Google an Effective Marketing Channel?

In today’s market, everybody wants to get as many conversions as possible using Google ads. This is the sole objective of any entrepreneur. At the same time, the main objective of Google is to target the right audience and to provide the best user experience. The more people interact with it, the more it learns about the user.

Google provides multiple ad networks for users like search network, display network, and video network. Each channel allows marketers to retain customers.
Every brand needs to understand their business requirements and their target customers. Once this is in place, it gets much easier to implement digital campaigns. Google provides everything one needs to target the right audience making it easier to reach your anticipated results.

What is Pay Per Click Campaign?

Pay Per Click campaigns are the most effective campaigns developed. SEO helps to drive organic traffic to your website while PPC provides an opportunity to buy the right audience and traffic for your website. Google has provided us with an effective tool to get maximum conversions.

We have listed down a few techniques that you should use to analyse the right audience and PPC strategies, execute and optimize campaigns, and overall analyse the entire campaign to get more conversions.

  • Analyse the Business Model and Target Audience

Before starting any PPC Campaign, you need to analyse the kind of business you’re dealing with. Research as much as you can before getting into laying out your strategy. The most important aspect of understanding the brand you are working with is to under the kind of audience your brand caters to. Knowing your customer is extremely crucial.
It is always better to get into the intricacies of your audience rather than targeting a group in general. For example, let’s assume that your brand sells anti-pollution masks. If your PPC strategy is focused on targeting a large group, you will end up spending a very large amount. However, your ideal target audience should always focus on smaller and more specific groups to get the highest quality results. In this case, your target audience should be people with asthma, lung diseases or people who drive two-wheeler vehicles.

  • Analyse your prehistoric data

We are living in a digital era where we have plenty of valuable data at our disposal. However, our strategies all depend on how well we utilize this available data. When you deal with clients who have faced bad experiences with their previous digital marketing agencies, the first thing to do is to analyse what went wrong in the first place. Go through their analytics, their digital marketing tools and find out what worked out for the brand and what didn’t. Use their shortfalls and design strategies to overcome them.

  • Create a confined strategy

Once you have finished analysing all the information, you will be able to create a mental roadmap of the kind of strategy you want to implement.

Understand the project, brainstorm on how to implement and revitalize. Your entire marketing team should have a clear picture of the current status of the project, the goals of the project and how many times the PPC strategy needs to be revised.

  • Structure of your PPC campaign

A good way to distinguish between a mediocre digital marketer and a good one is to see how well they structure their online campaigns. An experienced team can any day give better results and conversions.
While Keywords play an important role in PPC, a number of different factors determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

structure of ppc campaign

We have mentioned some keywords related to shopping campaigns that can help you in determining your campaign’s effectiveness.

ppc campaign

Selecting the right keywords:

Keyword search optimization is an important step in the first few stages of search engine marketing, for both paid and organic search. If you do a bad job at selecting your target keywords, all your subsequent efforts will be in vain. So, it is vital to get keyword optimization right.

We first need to create a keyword matrix and, then select keywords from the decision stage of buyers funnel. Next step is to take into account those keywords that can provide a higher ROI and have a lesser bid value. Run your campaigns for some time and then filter those keywords that are giving you better results.

Add Negative Keywords:

Structuring and systematically segregating keywords with campaigns will help increase the relevancy of your ad and will make it more concise in terms of tracking and analysis. Negative keywords thus play a major role in PPC campaigns as they stop irrelevant traffic from Google ads. By adding more negative keywords, your ads will show only on more relevant and specific searches.

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