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How to get the best from media streaming services that are suitable alternatives to Kodi

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Streaming media services have captured the imagination of television viewers who are increasingly turning to streaming services like Kodi to fulfil their appetite for chosen entertainment through television programs. Unfortunately, Kodi has hit the rocks as users are more and more facing legal issues surrounding illegal streaming. The Kodi effect on viewers is somewhat like a tiger tasting human blood for the first time that turns it into a maneater.  Having tasted superlative entertainment on Kodi streaming services that even gives free access to several premium events televised live like the NFL, viewers are not ready to settle for anything less. If Kodi remains out of bounds, viewers would like to lay their hands on some other streaming services that can make good for the loss of Kodi. This has led to the search for Kodi alternatives.

Clearing the air about the legality

Kodi has shown the way and being an open source software, several innovators and media developers started dishing out streaming services identical to Kodi but with lesser threats of facing legal issues. If you understand the true perspective of the Kodi problems, you should realize that there is nothing illegal about Kodi as software, but in the way, people utilize it to make unlawful gains. The same is the case with Torrent, which is not at all harmful or illegal as a technology, but it becomes illegal depending on how you use it, which is why Torrenting or downloading and sharing files in an unauthorized manner is illegal.

The hunt for alternatives

While looking for alternatives, many of which are on par with Kodi or maybe even better in some respects, viewers would come across several options.

  • Stremio – Those who prefer watching movies and TV shows and series will fall in love with Stremio that offers unmatched entertainment. Programs curated from various platforms and media find a place on Stremio that have all the ingredients required to delight viewers.
  • Plex – You would stumble on Plex when looking for XStream alternative to Kodi and once you are there, it will be hard to turn away from it. The app is very versatile and compatible with almost all kinds of devices and platforms. It is available free and as a paid version starting at $4.99 per month.
  • Emby – This app had made a humble beginning when it was a simple Media browser with limited features, but the latest version has numerous features together with Folder Sync and Cloud Sync that offers enhanced viewing pleasure. It comes with parental control, and you can carry the app wherever you go.
  • Terrarium TV – This Android app is a boon for movie buffs and avid viewers of TV shows. You can not only watch but also download and stream your favorite programs. As most of the streaming happens from Google Video or Google Drive, the privacy is level is very high.

For safe viewing of any alternative to Kodi, viewers in China can choose a Free VPN for China that helps to circumvent the controls and censorship on streaming services in that country.

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